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Maria Bashir

No description

Ashley White

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Maria Bashir

January 28 2010 - Maria Bashir joined the Afghan civil service almost 15 years ago. She has lived through the Taliban rule and an assassination attempt. Today, Ms. Bashir is the Chief Prosecutor of Herat Province, serving in this position for three years now. Bashir's daughter and youngest son were sent death threats they were increasing by the minute. Maria Bashir A young woman, on the run from abuse at the hands of her husband's second wife and family, cries as she begs Maria Bashir to take up her case. Ignorance of the law cannot be an excuse for crime," "Following the provisions of the law is the duty of every citizen," these are reminders about the letter of the law that are painted on the walls outside Maria Bashir's office. The first female prosecutor in Afghanistan. Appointed three years ago,Maria Bashir, 40,travels everywhere with six armed bodyguards,funded by the US justice department. Even so, last year a bomb went off in front of her house, killing one bodyguard, and her three children are considered such targets they can no longer go to school. In 2010 she handled 87 cases on behalf of victims of domestic abuse, including forced child marriage. maria bashir at the us state departments international women of courge ceromony. thanks for watching i hope u enjoyed !!!
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