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Cause and Effect

No description

Alexsa holiday

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Cause and Effect

The cause and effect mode is primarily used in argumentative pieces
The author wants to connect his or her points to convey a single message
Example: Not Buying Direct TV = Series of dilemmas
Conclusion: Buy Direct TV

Cause and Effect is a relationship between actions or events

A cause leads to a certain effect

Many causes can lead to one effect just as many effects can have one cause
Cause and effect is a powerful way to support one's stance

For Example, The Direct TV Commercial

Modes that accompany
Cause and effect
Cause and Effect
Process Analysis
- a process must be clearly explained and requires the logic of cause and effect in order to do so.
Description and Definition
- These modes allow
the reader to have a clear understanding of the
details while cause and effect connects these details to create a complete idea.
By Alexsa Holiday, Brian Nguyen, Hope Spring & Emily Lundberg
- Often times when describing ambiguous scenarios, writers will provide examples of multiple cause and effect possibilities.
How to Use Cause and Effect
Why Cause and Effect is Used
Sentence 1
In his article, "The Future of Happiness"(2002), Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi adumbrates that the "Positive Psychology" movement will "permeate the profession" of genetics and significantly influence the austere decisions that will have to be made by governments, society, society and the scientific community regarding the use of the unprecedented advances in genetic engineering technology.
Sentence 2
He notes that "all known societies have practiced..eugenics" as a means of instigating the survival of fittest principle; however in today's society people are no longer aiming to simply survive but also to be happy and, with the many new discoveries in the field of behavioral genetics, it is becoming feasible to control the presence of so-called happy traits which has resulted in much controversy surrounding the effects of performing genetic manipulation in order to appeal to society's ideals.
Sentence 3
Csiksentmihalyhi depicts various cause and effect scenarios in relation to happiness and eugenics in order to substantiate that is not solely a science or personal issue but also one that has the potential to "send shivers down the spine" of our consumer-driven market, eliminate our species' biodiversity, and will likely fail to fully account for the "unpredictable course" of our consciousness and thus "we need a science to confront the challenges of the next fifty years."
Sentence 4
The audience within, or with substantial interest in, the fields of psychology and genetics and the author hopes to compel them to take into consideration the interdisciplinary issues he brought fourth and gather knowledge to "make enlightened choices about the sort of future we want."
Thank you for listening!

Option 1: Choose an event that has already happened (typical of historical writing). Describe what led to that event and then discuss what happened as a result of the actions made. For example if you're writing as essay about the American Revolution you would cite events such as taxes as the cause and the result is Americans deciding to fight for their rights.
Option 2: Write an argument about a hypothetical situation. Examples include stock market forecasts and opinion essays that follow the cause and effect format of "I believe this will happen as a result of some form of evidence."
Option 3: Change over time. You can use cause and effect to describe a chronological domino effect.
Cause and Effect Keywords
led to
so that
due to
in order to
as a result
To answer a question
-specifically why something has happened

To uncover connections that may be subtle or

To discover the root cause of a problem/event
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