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Rookie Basketball Officials Clinic

No description

Ashley Lax

on 22 December 2015

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Transcript of Rookie Basketball Officials Clinic

Summer Basketball Officials Rules Clinic
Official Expectations
Basic program expectations
HEART model
Basketball officials expectations
Game Management
Intentional/Flagrant/Technical Fouls
Block/Charge Tree
Was the defense legal?
Welcome to the family
Competitive Sports structure
Meet your clinicians
Who are you?
So you want to officiate basketball?
Need to know information...
Only need a small staff for the summer
Must have all paperwork turned in and processed before you can begin working games
Officials are paid $9.00/hour ($9.45 starting July 1st), you will get paid for this training if hired
Basketball played Thursday at the SERF
5 week season followed by single elimination playoffs
IM Basketball Rules
Two 20 minute halves, running clock until last 2 minutes of 2nd half
Three minute halftime
Two timeouts per team per game, no carryover into overtime
WILL play overtime during regular season
Players need matching jerseys with permanent numbers
Teams cannot wear similar colors (one dark/one light)
No jewelry, hard knots, bandanas, hard casts, anything deemed unsafe
No dunking before the game
Let's Review the Tape
Illegal Screens
Legal Guarding Position
Give us the following during your intro:
Name (pay attention, you will need these later)
Year in school
Basketball experience (playing, officiating, watching, etc)
Fav current Badgers basketball player
Arrive 15 early for every shift
Stripes always tucked in, look the part
Pre-game with partner
No bouncing, shooting, spinning basketballs
No cellphones or sitting in between halves or games
Principle of Verticality
RSBQ (use of hands)
Referee the defense
Men's Comp Championship
Nicholas Johnson Pavilion
Spring 2014
Women's Final UW vs Marquette
WIRSA State Tournament
Spring 2014
CoRec Rec Championship Crew
Nicholas Johnson Pavilion
Spring 2014
Need 2 things to OBTAIN legal guarding position...
2 feet touching the court inbounds
torso facing opponent
How can a defender move once legal guarding position is established?
Concept states that a player owns the spot on the floor they occupy from the floor to the ceiling.

A player may jump or rise to occupy any space within that vertical plane.
Any contact that disrupts the rhythm, speed, balance or quickness of the ball handler is considered a foul.
The following will constitute a foul when committed against a ball handler:
two hands on the player
placing an extended arm bar
placing and keeping a hand on player
contacting the player more than once with the same hand or alternating hands
always find competitive match ups
assessing the match up starts with the defense
What can the offense do to hurt you?
What can the defense do to hurt you?
contact to and through?
no call
no call
2 things for screens to watch:
screener must be stationary
screener must stay within framework of body
Think of advantage/disadvantage and POV when officiating rebounding plays.
Types of Fouls
Personal foul: a foul committed by a player that involves illegal contact with an opponent when the ball is live.
Common foul
Shooting foul
Player-control foul
Team-control foul
Double personal foul
Intentional foul
Flagrant foul
What is the difference between player- and team-control fouls?

Result of the foul...
Common foul: counts towards player, team foul count
Shooting foul: counts towards player, team foul count; offended player shoots free throws depending on play
Technical foul: counts towards player, team foul count; offended team gets 2 free throws, ball after at mid court
Administrative technical foul: does not count towards any count (player or team), offended team gets 2 free throws, ball after at mid court
Intentional/flagrant foul: counts towards player, team foul count; 2 free throws to offended team, ball after
Always work for angles
The number of personal fouls a player can earn before "fouling out" or becoming disqualified
The number of team fouls a team must earn before the opposing team will be awarded a bonus free throw
The number of team fouls a team must earn before the opposing team will be awarded 2 bonus free throws
The number of technical fouls a player can receive before becoming ejected from the game
The number of technical fouls a team can receive before the game is ended
Count Violations
3 second lane violation
5 second closely guarded
5 seconds inbounding violation
10 second backcourt violation
10 second free throw violation
Physical Violations
Excessive Swinging of Elbows
Double Dribble
Free Throw Violations
Throw In Violations
Jump Ball
Goaltending/Basket Interference
If offense violates...
Blow dead immediately
If defense violates... delayed dead ball violation.
Types of Violations
Lane spots not occupied
Entering lane before ball is live
Missing the rim
Disconcerting the shooter
Leaving lane spaces
Shooter violations
What is the result of a violation by the offense?
What is the result of a violation by the defense?
What is the result of a double violation?
Offensive throw in violations
Defensive throw in violations
Stepping over inbounds line before releasing throw in
Moving outside of the 3 foot lateral box at designated throw in
Holding the ball for more than 5 seconds before inbounding
Bouncing ball inbounds on boundary line
Reach across boundary line
What happens if defense touches nothing?
What happens if defense touches ball?
What happens if defense touches offensive player?
Non jumpers
cannot touch the ball before it has reached its highest point
cannot leave the restraining circle until ball has been touched
cannot touch the ball more than twice
cannot move into restraining circle
cannot change position around restraining circle after official is ready to toss ball
cannot stack bodies with opponents
Basket Interference
you cannot touch a ball that is on its way to a basket and 1) in its downward flight, 2) entirely above the basket with the possibility to go in and 3) not touching the rim.
you cannot touch the ball or any part of the basket while the ball in on the rim or in the cylinder of the rim, reach through the bottom of the net to play a ball inside or outside of the cylinder OR touch or pull down the rim of the basket so that it contacts the ball before returning to its original position
...two feet touching inbounds...
...torso facing opponent...
Intentional fouls
: no intent needed, any contact foul that is 1) away from live ball play, 2) not a legitimate attempt to play the ball, 3) excessive while playing the ball or 4) designed to keep the clock from starting/stopping.
Flagrant fouls
: foul of a violent or savage nature, can be live or dead ball, contact or non-contact , non-basketball plays
Technical fouls
: foul for behavior deemed unnecessary, can be contact or conduct related, can be direct or indirect
Technical fouls should be used as a last resort tool in an officials' toolbox.
Technicals should communicate that the behavior of the player is unacceptable and cannot happen again.
Technicals should be administered in calm manner, business as usual
Consistency is key to game management!
You make the call...
Continuous Motion
shooting foul vs on the floor
Open Angles
Stacked Angles
CoRec Rules
Gender Ratio
Ratio of 3:2
ex. 3 males and 2 females
ex. 3 females and 2 males
Difference of 2 for teams playing with 4.
Females will receive an extra point for baskets made.
ex. a three pointer made by a female will be worth 4 points.
ex. a layup made by a female will be worth 3 points.
Special Scoring Situations
Single Bonus
females will get 1 and 1 and 1.
Double Bonus
Females will get 3 shots (no matter what)
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