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Indian presentation

steven wright

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Goshute

Location: History: Clothing: Food: Shelter: Culture: Goshute Tribe Presentation The Goshutes live in the Great Basin, so in the summer it is dry and hard to find food and water. The Goshutes indians are part of the larger Shoshone - speaking Narive American groups that live int the Intermountain West. although no one knows how long the Goshutes had occupied the area where they lived when first contacted by Europeans, a date of 1,000 years ago is most probable as the time when Shoshone speakers entered the great basin from Death valley frgion of California. In the summer the men wore "breech cloths" and the women wore Aprons and grass skirts. In the winter they wore leather shirts and rabbit skin and blankits to keep warm. When the white settlers came , they started opening trading post's, they started selling cotton shirts, pants, and dresses to the American Indians. In most pictures today the people are wearing a mixture of traditional clothes and more modern clothes such as shoes and hats. The Goshutes dug for roots, gathered berries, seeds from grasses and pine trees. they used a bunch of different plants, caught birds, cricketts, mice ,rabbits, insects and lizards. The Goshutes lived in "Wiki ups". they use sticks, logs, leaves, and animal skin. There are many benefits to using wiki ups, such as, it gives you lots of shade and a good place to sleep.
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