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Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems

No description

Francia Peña Luna

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems

Ethical and Social Issues in
Information Systems 4.1 Understanding Ethical and
Social Issues 4.2 Ethics In an Information Society Take responsibility for the partial regulation of their professions by determining entrance qualifications and competence. Promulgated by:
American Medical Association
American Bar Association
Association of Information Technology Professional Codes of Conduct 4.3 The Moral Dimensions Of
Information Systems
Privacy is the claim of individuals to be left alone, free from surveillance or interference from other individuals or organizations, including the state.

Privacy is protected by:
First Amendment: freedom of speech and association.
Fourth amendment: protections against unreasonable search and seizure of one’s personal documents or home, and the guarantee of due process. Information rights: privacy and freedom
in the internet age Most American and European privacy law is based on a regime called Fair Information Practices (FIP) which is a set of principles governing the collection and use of information about individuals.

An informed consent can be defined as consent given with knowledge of all the facts needed to make a rational decision. Enables automatic communication
of privacy policies between an e-commerce site and its visitors. The Platform for Privacy Preferences CREATED 1998

Implemented the :
World Intellectual Property Organization Treaty .

Software And Information Industry Association (SIIA)
Formed on January 1st , 1999 Digital Millennium Copy Right Act (DMCA) 4.4 Hands-on MIS Reengineering work is typically hailed in the information systems community.

Redesigning business processes could cause managers, and clerical workers to lose their jobs.

Careful planning and sensitivity to employee needs can help companies redesign work to minimize job losses. Employment: Trickle-Down Technology and Reengineering Job Loss Information, knowledge, computers and access to resources through educational institutions and public libraries are inequitably distributed along ethnic and social class lines.

Digital divide exists in U.S. schools.

Could lead to a society of information haves, computer literate and skilled vs. information have-nots, computer illiterate and unskilled. Equity and Access: Increasing Racial and Social Class Cleavages RSI: muscle groups are forced through repetitive actions high-impact loads, or thousands of low-impact loads (working at a computer board)
CTS: pressure on the median nerve through the wrist’s bony structure, caused by repetition of keystrokes. Symptoms: numbness, shooting pain, and tingling
CVS: eyestrain condition related to computer display screen use. symptoms: headache, blurred vision, dry and irritated eyes.
Technostress: stress induced by computer use. Symptoms: aggravation, impatience, and fatigue Health Risks: RSI, CVS, and Technostress Computers and information technologies potentially can destroy valuable elements of our culture and society even while they bring us benefits.

Harmful to individuals, societies, and political institutions. Quality of Life: Equity, Access, and Boundaries The shift toward highly decentralized computing, coupled with an ideology of empowerment of thousands of workers, and the decentralization of decision making to lower levels have reduced the fears of power centralization in institutions. Balancing Power: Center Vs. Periphery Risk of developing a “just in time society” with “just in time jobs” and “just in time”.

Maintaining Boundaries: Family, Work, and Leisure
The advent of information systems, coupled with the growth of knowledge-work occupations, means more people will be working. Rapidity of Change; Reduced Response Time to Competition Today, we are incredibly dependent on information systems and highly vulnerable if the systems fail (telephone, electrical, radio, TV, etc.) Dependence and Vulnerability Computer crime is the commission of illegal acts through the use of a computer or against a computer system.
Computer abuse is the commission of acts involving a computer that may not be illegal but that are considered unethical. Computer Crime and Abuse p. 128 Enron
Merril Lynch
Bristol-Myers Squibb
KPMG, LLP, PriceWaterHouseCoopers. In the past five years we have witnessed ethically challenging periods for the U.S. and global business… Ex: Refers to the principal right and wrong use to make choices to guide individuals behaviors. Ethics Group: 5XI

Francia Peña
Magaly Verduzco
Ivanova Estrada
Mireya García
Alejandra Montemayor
Jovanna Guzmán New data analysis technology that can take information about people from many disparate sources. NONOBVIOUS RELATIONSHIP AWARENESS (NORA)
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