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a bite of china


Weng Ian Lou

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of a bite of china

Most of English name of food come from Chinese
Change the shape of food -> become good taste A bite of china episode 3 Origin Chinese dumpling (Jiaozi) Solid tofu Born in Qing Dynasty
Ms Zhou people invented in jianshui
The tofu dry in the mold -> small cut gauze wrapping the soft tofu pieces tightly together use the charcoal fire make the solid tofu expanding
Braised tofu -> carrot and black fungus
Nutrition -> protein, vitamin and amino acid Braised Tofu The first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang
Some pieces of tofu which are hidden inside the bush -> hairy
Grill those hairy tofu for Zhu Yuanzhang
Tasty -> won the next fight
A high reward for the soldiers
Spread out around the china.
A famous dish in HuangShan
Artificial fermentatio -> white hair on the tofu’s surface
Its vegetable protein -> many types of amino acid Hairy tofu Yellow Wine (ShaoXing Wine) Sour milky tofu HCUL111 - INTRODUCTION TO GASTRONOMY (2012S1A)

Lecturer: Miguel Oliveira
Egas S127050
Erica S127096
Kelly S127218
Rondo S127023
Vesper S127254 The inspiration of change Thousand years ago
Soybean is not very delicious
People want to change it
Gesso -> liquid of the soybean -> chemical reaction -> tofu Tofu Celebrating Chinese New Year
Golden ingots (yuan bao) in the Ming Dynasty for money
Chinese people believe that eating dumpling will bring fortune
A coin -> one of the dumplings -> a prize for the lucky one How Jiaozi was named? Chinese dumpling (Jiaozi) Its horn-like shape
Chinese for "horn" is jiao
Replaced by a specific character
The food radical on the left and the phonetic component jiao on the right.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner,one course, starter or side dish, or the main meal, last course during restaurant meals Group 3 Pork belly braised in soy sauce BraisedKeep the pork in the coldest part of the refrigerator for 3 to 5 daysmake it tender History Su Dongpo -> a poet in the Song
DynastyInfluence -> more popular all over the country Pork belly braised in soy sauce Flavour Hunan
Dry beans and some dry chili
A little bit spicy and firm
Jiangzhe(Dongpo pork)
White wine
Sweet and tender Pork belly braised in soy sauce Pork belly braised in soy sauce Casserole (southerner)
keep the dish warm
maintaining the nutritional content of the dish will not be lost
Iron pan (northerner)
the pork is firmer
more convenient to make reduction
make the color more beautiful Yellow wine, Beer and vintage
China -> ShaoXing wine is the most recognition yellow wine
The most special taste -> the water come from the unusual lake
Brewing method which has been thousand years ago.
Come from ShaoXing six thousand years ago
Was named in the Sung dynasty
In the Ming and Qing dynasty -> the development rapidly
Full of variety, best quality, high quantity References http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/59804041.html
http://www.wanzui.com/grape_final182P136F0.htm Traditional food in Mongolian
Mongolian herdsmen change the direction -> a new easy way to make milky tofu
Barely any vegetable or fruit ->X vitamins and minerals
Tofu instead vegetable
Enough to compare with meat
Can warming up the body and provide energy constantly
Enough to support the herding work in whole day
Easy to store -> dry and drain off the water
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