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Public Breastfeeding

No description

Clare Shiraishi

on 13 June 2017

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Transcript of Public Breastfeeding

Story time
Benefits of Breastfeeding
Creates personal connection with child
Breast milk provides important & natural nutrients/antibodies
Improves baby's mental health
Lessens risk of infant mortality (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
The Problem
Many mothers who breastfeed in public are attacked for the following reasons:
Public Breastfeeding
Analysis & Critique
Why so uncomfortable?
Mothers are simply FEEDING their hungry child. Why must you look to begin with?
What about the baby's and mother's comfort? (in reference to feeding in bathrooms and confined dark spaces)
People have no problem with images of half naked women and sexy advertising, but breastfeeding is suddenly inappropriate
The act of breastfeeding isn't seen as feeding but the breasts itself are seen as something sexual instead of a body part that is DOING ITS JOB
Why do YOU think people are against it?
Interesting points/Questions
This is just one incident, there are many that have taken place all over the world, not just the US
it makes people uncomfortable
it is "inappropriate"
On one end, women don't want to be seen as simply a reproductive tool, but in this situation, being seen as doing what "women are meant to do" is the argument
What are reasonable excuses as to why WOMEN shame other mothers for breastfeeding in public? Why aren't we on the same page?
In what other everyday, seemingly harmless activities are women being sexualized or shamed for?
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