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Marriage Is a Private Affair

A short story set in Nigeria.

Daniel S

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Marriage Is a Private Affair

"Marriage Is a Private Affair" By Chinua Achebe The author is from Nigeria
The story was written in 1952 A Short Summary of the Short Story: Nnaemeka informs his father that he plans not to marry his arranged wife but rather Nene, who is not of the Ibo tribe His father is very upset and does not talk to his son from thereforth Nnaemeka and Nene are descriminated by their friends Nnaemeke and Nene get married and have children. Nnaemeke's father realizes that his son's love is a beautiful thing and he is remoarseful. POV: Outside voice in 3rd omniscient Setting:
Lagos, a modern town in Nigeria, during the 20th century Main Character:
Nnaemeke is very driven and is unwilling to deny what he thinks is right External Conflict:
Nnaemeke's father
does not prove of Nnaemeke's love for Nene Resolution:
The fact that Nnaemeke is now a grandparent makes him feel remoarseful Being Critically Analytic:
Theme: Love has no boundaries.
Motifs: Marriage, Christianity
It was written with much description In our opinion, this short story was not of our taste. We do not personally prefer this story over prior stories that we have previously read. This story could have been better if we were able to relate to the character. We, however, have not married or had kids. Please applaud now.
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