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Electricity: How it Changed the World Forever

Electricity existed ever since the world was created. It has been part of this world for a long time, and over time, we have been able to use it to our advantage. Electricity changes the way we live and has changed the world forever.

Christopher Valdes

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Electricity: How it Changed the World Forever

Electricity: How it Changed the
World Electricity has existed ever since the beginning of time. Over the years, we have learned how to use this source to our advantages, and using this type of energy has changed the way we live forever. No human has actually invented electricity. Electricity has been part of the world ever since it was first created. However, it's earliest observers were Greek philosophers. When they rubbed a piece of amber against cloth, lightweight objects would stick to the cloth because of static electricity. Discovering Electricity It was until the year 1792, a thunderstorm came to Benjamin Franklin's home. He decided to make an experiment and fly his kite in the middle of a thunder storm with an iron key attached to the other end of the string. When the kite took off, the kite was stuck by lightning and electricity touched the key and sent a spark down to Benjamin's hand. He was lucky enough to survive, but then he officially stated that lightning was static electricity. He presented this knowledge to the world, but the problem is, how can they use electricity to society's advantage? Benjamin Franklin's Experiment Society's Advantage to Electricity In the past, people have made inventions such as the car or the airplane. Now, we use those inventions to change the way we live today, but it electricity is used to change our lives in thousands of more ways. Electricity changed how our food tastes, how we entertain ourselves, and even how healthy we are physically and mentally. If we didn't have electricity today, our society would be very different from what we have today. Electricity changed my life in many different ways. Without it, I wouldn't be able to watch television, go on the computer, type essays (type, not write), have a cell phone, and a lot of more other ways how it affected my life. How Electricity Changed my Life Electricity has changed the world more than the Enlightenment due to many different ways and/or reasons. Electricity changed the way people were educated, how our food tastes, and we travel across the entire world, and even how healthy we are. The philosophers did change the world gravely, but electricity changed the world even more. Electricity vs. The Enlightenment en.wikipedia.org
www.consumerenergy.com Resources VS
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