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Karl Marx Collage - Ariana Habibi.

No description

Ariana H

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Karl Marx Collage - Ariana Habibi.

Stage Two
Democracy and Free Market Capitalism

This time period primarily consists of the industrialization period.
The majority of innovation and progress occur in this stage, as well as large amounts of production.
However, this is also the time of exploitation and oppression.
The Proletariat, the working class, are exploited by the Bourgeoisie, the wealthy, for the sake of materialism and capitalism.

Stage Three
Stage One

During this stage in history, an Agrarian Society exists.
In this lifetyle, an economy is defined by maintaining and producing crops and farmland.
Additionally, the king and other members of nobility have the power to control and oppress the peasants, or serfs.
An Ideaology in Images

Taking place in the indefinite future, this stage marks the turn into a socialistic society.
The Proletariat will revolt against the Bourgeoisie, thus having everyone be subject to economic equality.
This will bring in end to the systematic oppression of the working class.
Countless nations throughout history have revolted against incompetent governments, but rarely is it to promote socialism.
Stage Four

Now is the time where Marx's ideal society exists: communism.
After the revolution, there is no government, and class systems do not exist.
The people become self relient, and goods and services are provided through communal ownership.
However, many flaws exist with this system, primarily due to the lack of competition and motivation. As a result, innovation will decrease and the economic growth will decline.
Nevertheless, this may only exist at a time when mankind has evolved to the proper extent. If this evolution has not occurred, the system and the society will fail.
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