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The Spread of Religion- Buddhism and Hinduism

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Natalie Boesen

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of The Spread of Religion- Buddhism and Hinduism

An analysis of the spread of
Hinduism and Buddhism

An Introduction to the Spread of Hinduism and Buddhism
Created by
Hemil Gajjar, Milinda Bhopatkar, Natalie Boesen, Emma Barry, and Allison Ford
Root of Hinduism
(Indus Valley)
Root of Buddhism
earliest evidence of Hindu texts and practices from 2500 BCE
began about 4500 years ago
Siddartha Gautama “Buddha”
Founder of Buddhism
“Buddha” means “Enlightened One”
Dalai Lama
Personal Communication
Individualized communication was an effective method of spread Shakyamuni Buddha (one of the Shakya clan) was an ideal example
Did not try to convert anyone, but rather tried to help others "overcome the unhappiness and suffering that they were creating because of their lack of understanding"
Method passed down through the generations
Later generations of followers utilized more individualized communication to overcome their own and others' issue
one of world's oldest religions
3rd largest spread religion after Christianity and Islam
different forms of Hinduism based on different supreme gods

sprouted out of Hinduism
fourth largest religion in the world after Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism
path to spiritual discovery
avoids extreme behavior
not founded by one individual
considered a way of life
Indus River Valley
began in 624 BCE

Hinduism Glogster
Buddhism Glogster
Northern India and Southern Nepal
Statue of Hindu God, Shiva
King Ashoka ruled northern India in 300 B.C.E.
supported and adopted Buddhism, personally endorsed it and inspired his kingdom to adopt Buddhism as well.
Altan Khan proclaimed Buddhism the official creed of the land to help unite his kingdom.
Hinduism did not force religion upon other cultures
Hinduism tended to spread with the spread of Indians
The Brahmans who spread Hinduism to Southeast Asia were patronized by rulers who converted to Hinduism
There is evidence of spread to Borneo and Chinese chronicles of an Indian kingdom in Vietnam two centuries later.
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