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No description

Neel Shearer

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of TCL

Toby Churchill Ltd. A Case Study Toby Churchill started the company in 1973 He is still the President of the company. SL2 - 1976 First Commercial Lightwriter SL30 - 1990 SL1 - 1989 SL4 – 1982 SL4A - 1986 History SL30 - 1990 SL1 - 1989 SL4 – 1982 SL4A - 1986 History SL35 - 1995 SL35 Big Keys Keyboard Cherry Keyboard SL55 Keyboards 1995-2003 GL SL85 SL87 Scanning 1995 - 2003 SL40 and SL40 Connect Lightwriter Swift Company Structure and History Slow growing company
Engineering background
Very flat structure Over the last 3 years has been growing into a new shaped organisation Management layers
Better Communication
Process driven R&D Hardware
Industrial Design
Consultants Production Sub assemblies
Final assembly
QA Service Cleaning
Customer Feedback Procurement/
Dispatch Final QA
Stores Admin/Finance Orders
Payroll Marketing upstream marketing
downstream marketing
Product definition Sales User Contact
Product Feedback
Third Party Products New Directions Diversification of Product Portfolio Extension of Market Reach Our Customers? Our Customers? Our Customers? Our Market In the UK

Incidence levels for high-tech communication aids are estimated at around 0.1%

Text based aids are up to 10% of that.

Estimates have put market penetration at between 5% and 10% Plenty Room for Growth! How do we find out what people want?

KOG (Key Opinion Group)
PA feedback
Competitor Analysis
Market watching
A lot of research
A lot of talking
But most of all, a lot of listening
Until recently, we were a single product company.

It worked because we have a unique product and the majority of the market.

BUT! It is not a sustainable position

We are expanding our product range via
expand product range
any other options? Market Research Issues
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