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Moments and equilibrium

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Paul Sheffield

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of Moments and equilibrium

Moments and equilibrium
Moment of force
principle of moments

Do it now!!
A boat is moving across a river. The engines provide a force of 500N at right angles to the flow of the river. It experiences 100N of drag. The force on the boat due to the river is 300N. The mass of the boat is 250Kg.
resultant force on the boat
acceleration of the boat
If the boat went of a 20m cliff at a velocity of 30m/s
What would be its vertical acceleration?
What would be its Velocity at the bottom?
How far would it fall from the cliff?
Moment= Fx
Moment = Force X perpendicular distance from the axis of point of rotation

Perpendicular distance:

Use trigonometry
Finding the mass of a meter ruler
locate the center of mass
balance on a knife edge off centre
using a known weight
Principle of moments
when a body is in equilibrium
net force is zero
net moment is zero
The sum of the anticlockwise moments= the sum of the clockwise moments
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