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Chinese Mobile News

Global Media Distribution 3.21.2010

Alan Rogers

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Chinese Mobile News

Mobile News in Chinese Newspaper Groups A Case Study of Yunnan Daily Press Group Liu Cheng and Axel Bruns In a population of 1.3 billion, China has: 600m Urban residents

2,000 Major newspapers

287 TV channels

700m Mobile phone users

9.7m 3G users

338m Internet users Yunnan Daily Press, Aug. 20, 2003 Vast difference in development of urban and rural areas History of SMS Two main providers: China Mobile and China Unicom

Mobile users increased from 43m (1999) to 539m (2007)

SMS service hindered by lack of usage plans, language barrier

Chinese-charachter SMS introduced in 1997

First fixed-rate usage plan introduced in 2000
Value-added service: News, etc. via SMS

Monthly packages: $0.33 - $1.33 per month

30 - 100 messages

1 billion texts sent in 2000 vs. 570 billion in 2007

"Saved the Chinese Internet" Yunnan Daily Press Group Only newspaper chain in Yunnan Province

10 newspapers, 4 magazines, 1 website

2 flagship papers with combined circ. 410,000

Audience typical of non-urban China
SMS at Yndaily
Introduced SMS package in 2002

Subscribers recieve 2-5 messages per day Problems with Value-Added Service Texts Limited to 70 characters

Billing controlled by mobile providers

Lack of experienced management

Lack of government / industry standards

Lack of public trust in service providers

"Opportunistic Behavior" Falsified usage reports

Undisclosed fees

Duplicate charges

Refused cancellations / support requests

"Free" trial periods

At Yndaily, SMS subscriptions decreased
more than 50% due to "trust crisis" New Developments in SMS Growth of interactive use among mobile subscribers

Polls, feedback, comments, etc. increased 400% in 2006

Shift to Multimedia Message (MMS) services for photo, audio, video

3G service

China Internet Network Information Center Challenges for Mobile News Providers Limitations of SMS and MMS

Developing niche products for mobile

Implementing advertising

Changing relationships between mobile, web and print What About Mobile Web? 233 million people used mobile web in 2009 Discussion Questions With the expansion of 3G and Mobile Web, will SMS and MMS news services remain popular?

Will the subscription model for mobile news continue to be viable given all the options users have?

Does the consolidation of the Chinese media industry into a handful of vertically integrated corporations help or hinder the development of mobile news services?

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