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Life beyond Celta: where to look for support

A brief introduction to the EFL blogosphere and Twitter

Katy Simpson

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Life beyond Celta: where to look for support

Katy Simpson

Life beyond Celta: where to look for support
You're not alone!

Blogs and Twitter can help you to...
Final words on blogs...
People use Twitter professionally to:

share / store useful links and information

promote new blog posts

ask for help - but remember to help others too!

Tweet from conferences / webinars etc to have a record of useful quotes, and so people who aren't there can benefit.
Twitter - your way in...
- Find activities / resources / lesson ideas
- Find answers
- Find new questions!
- Connect with other teachers
- Continue your professional development
- Build your 'platform' to promote yourself

The EFL Blogosphere
Practical ideas
Issues / discussions
Links to useful
websites and tech tools
TEFLebrity stalking!
Webinars and conferences
But remember to organise your bookmarks!
e.g Diigo
Catch up on events you missed
Get involved by
Look for new blogs to follow
in 'blogrolls' of blogs you like
You can 'follow'
a blog (usually)
to get email
Organise them
Start your own blog!
You don't need to be an expert
e.g Netnewswire
Find out about events coming up
Get your geek on!
Join live webinar sessions, or watch archived webinars - a bit like Celta input sessions, but just for fun!
Any other tips?
What to write about?
Hurrah! I've published
my first post. Now what?
Start your own blog
- Reflection = key to progression

- Store lesson ideas / things that worked

- Be part of the process

- Build your platform

- Choose a publishing platform (e.g Wordpress or Blogger)

- Choose a title (think carefully)

- Choose a 'theme' (a pre-designed template for how it looks)

- Add 'widgets' if you want

- Write a post, add tags and put it in a category. Click 'publish'!
- activities / resources
- lessons you've learned
- useful clips / links
- summaries of professional development activities
- your experiences
- keep posts short
- try to include an image
for every post
- try to blog regularly
- don't use it to vent!
- be careful not to make assumptions about your audience
- Promote your blog via Facebook and Twitter (repeatedly!)

- Use your blog name to comment on other people's blogs

- Make sure you respond to all comments on your blog

#elt pics
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