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The Political Spectrum: 2011 Canadian Federal Election

No description

Emily Barber

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of The Political Spectrum: 2011 Canadian Federal Election

2011 Canadian Federal
Election Candidates Elizabeth May graduate of Dalhousie Law School in 1983
May helped found the Canadian Environmental Defence Fund
Elizabeth became senior policy adviro to then federal Environmental Minister, Tom McMillan in 1986
in 1989, May became the Executive Director of the Sierra Club of Canada, now one of Canada's leading environmental organizations
released her seventh book in 2009
elected the leader of the Green Pary of Canada in August 2006 Smart Economy GREEN JOBS- create jobs through investment in renewable energy, expanding passenger rail and mdernizing freight, retrofitting thousands of buildings to high standards for energy efficiency Strong Communities HELP FOR MARRIED COUPLES AND FAMILIES- lower income taxes and introduce splitting to reduce the tax burden on married couples and families True Democracy REFORMING THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM- have a national discussion regarding the health of our democracy, the risks of "first past the post", other options for a more meaningful electoral system (i.e. proportional representation) SMART ECONOMIC STIMULUS- expand access to employment insurance for those who paid into it, while protecting the pensions of retired Canadians, reduce EI and CPP contributions for businesses FAIR GLOBAL TRADE- reform, revise and rethink our trade agreements. Trade is a part of a sustainable future only when it is fair for all HEALTHY INDUSTRY- healthy agriculture sector with support for organic farmers, healthy fisheries, a sustainable forest industry CUT WASTEFUL SUBSIDIES- end the failed strategy of throwing good money after bad in corporate bail-outs for big business, and subsidies to nuclear and fossil fuels GET THE PRICES RIGHT- avoid structural deficits, implement a revenue-neutral carbon pricing architecture to modernize our economy, build a “Made in Canada” Green economy more people working fewer hours to share employment, more opportunities for telecommuting, shared jobs, flex hours, flexible child care with access for all, early childhood education HELP FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS- sustainable long-term funding support for municipalities to repair dated and insufficient infrastructure build for the future and create more of the common amenities all communities need for recreation, transportation, water works and arts and culture ACCESS TO INFORMATION- discuss realistic solution to the increasing corporate control in Canadian journalism ENSURE CITIZENSHIP IS EQUAL- pursue successful implementation of the UN Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples with regards to our aboriginal population GLOBAL ACTION ON GLOBAL PROBLEMS- build on and enforce decisions made in 2010 climate negotiations (COP16) CONTRIBUTE TO A PEACEFUL SOLUTION IN AFGHANISTAN- refocus Canadian mission to alleviate poverty, strengthen governance, support development of the Afghan military and polic force, and protecting human rights MAKE POVERTY HISTORY- meet Canada's commitments and push other nations to meet theirs in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals Pillars of the Green Vision Does it advance the common good?
Does it advance global peace and security?
Does it address the needs of children?
Does it ensure Canada’s continued quality of life and economic health?
Does it make families more secure?
Does it protect, enhance and restore the life support systems of the planet?
Does it promote systems − cultural, institutional, and technological − that are resilient and capable of adapting to shocks in a more unpredictable world? leader of NDP since 2003 and almost doubled popular vote by 2004
previously served on Toronto City Council
served as head of the Federation of Candian municipalities
currently 6 seats short of NDP's all time high Give Your Family a Break Strengthening Pensions and Retirement Security
Improving Family and Maternity Leave Benefits
increase leave time, Caregiver Benefit, ensure people are not penalized on EI upon return to work Improving Access to Child Care and Post-Secondary Education
establish nation-wide child care and early learning program, lower tuition, additional Canada Student Grant funding, raise education tax credit Delivering Affordable Housing to Canadians
restore funding for homeowners Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program and Affordable Housing Initiative Lowering household costs on energy bills and renovations Cracking Down on Excessive Credit Card Rates and Bank Card Fees Re-instating the Federal Minimum Wage
re-introduce a national standard of earning Helping Lift Children and Families out of Poverty
combine existing Child Tax Benefit to create a non-taxable Child Benefit (increased by up to $700 per child over four years) Ensuring your Employment Insurance Benefits are There When You Need Them
ammending Employment Insurance Act to eliminate waiting period, lower qualifying period, raise benefits Reward the Job Creators Reducing the Small Business Tax Rate Establishing a Job Creation Tax Credit Extending Tax Credits for Job-Supporting Investment Ensuring Foreign Investment Delivers Quality Canadian Jobs Setting the Corporate Tax Rate at Below the USA's Investing in Critical Infrastructure Improve Your Family's Healthcare Strengthening Health Care with a New 10-year Accord Investing in More Family Doctors and Nurses Expanding Care for Seniors Making Medicines More Affordable Keeping Kids Healthy and Safe in Sports Tackle Climate Change Adopting the Climate Change Accountability Act Ensuring Canada Becomes a World Leader in Renewable Energy Establishing Green Bonds to Fund Research and Development Strengthening Public Transit for Liveable Cities Leadership in
Canada Building a New Relationship with First Nations Ensuring Canada's Arts and Culture Thrive Building Home-grown Film Ensuring Your Family's Food is Safe Protecting the Family Farm Hiring More Police to Protect Your Community Recognizing Local Heroes Fast-Tracking Immigration and Family Reunification Strengthening Canada's Official Languages Promotion of Equality
among provinces
disabled Restoring Long-form Census Ensuring all Canadians Have Access to Broadband and a Robust Digital Economy Leadership on the World Stage Leading the World in Response to Climate Change Ensuring our Troops are Brought Home from Afghanistan Increasing the Promotion of Health, Development and Human Rights Charting a New Course for Canada's Defence Fulfilling Commitments to Honour our Veterans Fix Ottawa Setting a New Tone in Parliament Restricting the Prime Minister's Power to Avoid Parliament Making your Vote Count Building a New Relationship with Civil Society Balancing the Federal Budjet Responsible Economic Management Competitive and Affordable Tax Rates Spending Discipline Innovation for the Jobs of Tomorrow Boosting Youth Employment Helping
Families Family Care and Health Care The Learning Passport and the Canadian Learning Strategy A Stronger Public Pension System for Working Canadians Environmental
Protection More Renewables in our Energy Mix Climate Change Action at Home and Abroad Cleaner Oil Sands Development Stewardship of our Natural Environment Society and Democracy Stronger Communities, Stronger Canada Rural Canada Matters Valuing Volunteerism Arts, Culture and Home-Grown Content in a Digital Canada Respecting and Renewing our Democracy Supporting Official Languages International
Involvement A Network Approach to a Rapidly Changing World Human Development Leading in International Peace Operations A Better Balance of Defence, Diplomacy and Development entered politics in 2006 when he was elected MP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore
leader of the Liberal Party of Canada since 2009
worked previously as a historian, author, university professor, and diplomat
has held senior academic posts at the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Harvard University, and the University of Toronto Jobs and Growth Hiring Credit and Low Taxes for Businesses Job Protection for Seniors and Skills Training Opportunities for Students Free Trade with Europe and India Canada-U.S. Perimiter Security and Economic Competitiveness Support Research and Development with a Digital Economy Strategy Promote Aerospace Industry Federal Tourism Strategy Long-Term Plan for Infrastructure Renewal Professional Sports Facilities Tax Harmonization Agreement with Quebec Hard-Working Families Doubling Children's Fitness Tax Credit and Creation of Children's Arts Tax Credit and Adult Fitness Tax Credit Support for Family Caregivers and Low-Income Seniors ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes Program Doubling Tax-Free Savings Account Limit Supporting Employment Opportunities for Canadian Veterans Wage Earner Protection Program Renewing Federal-Provincial Health Accord Standing on Guard for Canada Strengthen Canadian Armed Forces and Coast Guard Support for Clean Energy, Culture and Arts, Child Health, and Developing Countries Deport Foreign Criminals and Crack Down on Smuggling Reintroduce Legislation to Combat Terrorism and Implement a National Counter-Terrorism Strategy Artic Sovereignty: Completing the Dempster Highways Conserving and Protecting our Environment Defending Religious Freedom Law-Abiding Canadians Supporting Victims of Crime Drug-Free Prisons Combat Human Trafficking Ending Sentence Discounts for Multiple Child Pornography and Sex Offences Cracking Down on Elder Abuse Strengthening Laws on Self-Defence, Defence of Propery, and Citizen's Arrest Tackling Contraband Tobacco Communities and Industries Permanent Funding for Municipal Infrastructure
More Doctors and Nurses for Rural Communities Supporting Community Partnerships and Volunteerism Volunteer Firefighters Tax Credit End Ineffective Long-Gun Registry Expand International Markets for Farmers Canadian Wheat Board Support Supply Management, Forest Innovation and Market Development, and Fishing Industry Extend Mineral Exploration Tax Credit Integrity and Accountability Senate Reform Fair Representation in House of Commons First Nations Financial Transparency End the Subsidy of Political Parties Open Government Initiative Became leader of the opposition in 2002 and went onto be the first Prime Minister from the newly reconstituted Progressive Conservatives in 2006
currently campaigning to serve a third term as Canadian Prime Minister
Educated at the University of Calgary, where he obtained a bachelors and Masters degree in economics
helped Preston Manning launch the reform Party of Canada

Jack Layton Michael Ignatieff Stephen Harper
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