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Increasing Student

No description

Stacey Schautz

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Increasing Student

Systemic Issue
Schools with low-socioeconomic families struggle with parent involvement
Parent involvement increases student achievement
Parents should reinforce school learning at home
Students should be engaged in learning throughout all aspects of their day
Solutions and Best-Fit Solution
Setting the Context and Identifying the Problem
Baltimore Highlands Elementary
Title I
Strand 4 school
Low parental involvement
Data Plan Model
Team Members
Grade level teachers
PTA members
Parent service coordinator
School social worker
Data Gathered
Student Achievement Data
Data Analyzed
Thank you!
Increasing Student
Achievement With

Student Achievement Scores
Not meeting state requirements in grades 3, 4, and 5 on MSA

Low parental involvement reflects on the student achievement scores
Streifer Model
Grade 3, 4, and 5 MSA results
Demographic data
Anecdotal Notes
Teachers will track their communication efforts with parents over a 3 week period
Document the response to communication attempts
Parent Survey Data
Parents will be asked to complete a short survey
Response to survey included in results
Survey results will be used to support the problem and determine a solution
of students in third grade scored basic on the 2013 reading MSA
(the county average was
of students qualify for FARMS
the team will analyze the parent survey and teacher records for correlating trends
Possible Solutions
monthly communication about student progress
monthly newsletters engage parents and suggest at-home learning strategies
video footage at workshops and meetings uploaded on school website
combine all efforts together!
Best-Fit Solution
After the team analyzes all data, they will use the research and data to determine which solution will be consistent and easy for teachers to manage.
Monitor and Adjust
The team will meet quarterly to discuss the progress of the best-fit solution
the parent survey will be conducted annually
teachers will document all parent communications for 3 weeks
the team will discuss what teachers/grade levels are having the best success and collaborate to continue PD for the rest of the staff
state testing data will continue to be collected each year and analyzed
Issues and Conclusion
Teachers may resist these efforts because it can be considered extra work for the staff
Parents could not respond to the communication efforts
The suggestions being given to parents may not have an effect on student achievement results
If all parties, school and home, work together to provide each child with a nurturing, engaging and consistent learning environment then student achievement scores will improve.
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