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Copy of Concept Art: Traditional and Digital

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Rufus Fleary

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Concept Art: Traditional and Digital

Concept Art: Traditional and Digital
Concept Art in Movies
A visual representation of a design, a idea, and mood. Widely using in movies and games, and it is a part of pre-production.
With the advent of technology, it has been made possible for artists to flesh out their biggest ideas for tv, film, and games in a much more three dimensional way. Even if a two dimensional sketch is used, it is faster and much more eco-friendly rather than using several sheets of paper as before.
Digital Use of Concept Art
Sketches are used primarily by animation studios. Many character designers still work in traditional mediums, like pen and pencil. Other studios, such as Pixar or Nickelodeon make use of Cintiq tablets. Now programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop can be used to create painterly concept images in order to flesh out backgrounds or worlds.
Art created completely in digital form is most often used for games and film, in order to push for a certain aspect of realism in a project. These help cement the basis of themes, emotion and style in a project.
In movie - "UP"
Characters' concept art
a shader packet: every details of this character
Different using of concept arts between in movies and in games
What is a concept art?
1. Form of illustration
2.Visual representation of design, idea and mood for use in entertainments (Films, video game, animation, comic book)
3.Retail, set, fashion and architectural design can be applied as concept art
What you need to design for your concept art: Character
A background story of the character

It doesn't have to be a perfect synopsis and it could be a short simple story of your character

Mood, Genre, Environment effect the design of your character
1. Plan
2. Thumbnail
Rough Sketches

Poses, Body size (Shapes), Props, Hair style, Skin color and other references are consider to be the basic step of the thumbnail
3.Concept Board
It is also a reference board

It is very important part before designing a perfect character that fits in the story with acceptable props

References will give the main idea of your design
The best quality of your character design have to be complete in illustration about one to one and half hours

Illustration has to be detailed and well indicated to identify and describe your character

The first draft will be the basic structure of your idea and sketch for your final version
5. First Draft
Styles of concept art
Matte Painting
Mostly using for industrial design

More faster than other paintings

Have to be done in one to one and
half hour in complete form of illustration

Uses photo textures with Photoshop
For example of Matte painting
These paintings were painted by the concept artist, Jung Park
Traditional digital painting
Mostly using for comics, computer online game

Blizzard entertainment and Riot Games are using the style of traditional painting for their concept art

Painting with only brushes on Photoshop, Painter programs and do not use any photo textures
Here are other example of traditional digital paintings
Life of a concept artist
Most concept artists work freelance. There are very few that stay long term with studios. One example is the artist Ryan Church, who has worked on films such as Avatar, both Star Trek films, and the Transformers sequels Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon.
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