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The Effect of Aspirin

No description

Guadalupe Martinez

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of The Effect of Aspirin

Independent Variable
How does aspirin water affect the growth of plants?
Dependent Variable
Growth of the Plant
The Effect of Aspirin
on Plants

By: Guadalupe Martinez
May 26,2014

If i add aspirin water to plants, then the plant will grow faster.

The plants watered with aspirin water will not grow if too much aspirin water is added.
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Have you ever wondered if aspirin can help people feel better faster, can it help plants grow faster?
Aspirin has been around for more than 100 years. It is used to reduce pain, inflammation, and fever.
What Is Aspirin?
It is important to know that watering the plant with aspirin water too frequently can prevent the plant from growing and flowering.
Plants produce salicylic acid, and it makes sense how aspirin helps plants because aspirin is so similar to salicylic acid (which naturally is a process that occurs in plants), adding dissolved aspirin to plants can cause the same immune response as an infection, intentionally triggering the plant to strengthen itself.
What is the relationship between aspirin and plants?
Plants and aspirin are an unusual combination, but aspirin has become a miracle pill for plants.

Many florists
They are living things that can detect whether it is about to get an infection.
They increase their own production of salicylic acid to heal themselves when threatened by any disease.

Plants are smart because...

Plants similar to humans are made up of cells and all cells need water in order to survive. The water that soaks into a plant enters the cells to maintain them but it also brings nutrients.
All of the results have been positive......
This experiment can deliver interesting results.......
Plants produce salicylic acid, so when a plant is stressed or attacked by a pathogen and is treated with additional salicylic acid it appears to cause the plant's immune system to become stronger.
Martha McBurney, the master gardener in charge of the demonstration vegetable garden at the University of Rhode Island.
Despite the fact that research has been done on this topic, my results showed the contrary.
My experiment
took 2 weeks of recording
every two days or whenever necessary I added plain water and aspirin water to the designated plants
In every ¼ cup of water I added two tablets to the aspirin water plant.
Daily I recorded the plant growth.
After the 14 days I conducted 3 trials and took an average.

Plain Water:
plants grew an average of 2 inches
Aspirin Water:
plants grew an average of 0 inches
The results showed......
adding way too much aspirin

Aspirin Water
Plain Water
Aspirin Water
Plain Water
Add 4 seeds
Place pots near sunlight
Water Plant with Aspirin Water
Plain Water
Add Soil
Water each pot with its designed water
People who have researched this topic
1. Aspirin tablets

2. A cup

3. Room temperature water

4. Seeds

5. Two plant pots

6. Soil with fertilizer

7. Sunlight

8. Ruler

9. Pen

10. Paper

Speed of Growth (inches)
Type of Water Used
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