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Miniature Schnoodles

This presentation is about Miniature Schnoodles. About them, responsibilities, to set up for him/her, expenses, and more.

Sonali Ratnasinghe

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Miniature Schnoodles

Keep Dogs away from To train your dog
"A schnauzer plus a poodle eqauls magic"
Simple Expenses to think about
If we go out of town
2+ gates
Doggy Bed
Chew Toys+Balls
Food+Water bowl
Engraved dog tag
Grooming Brush

All dogs need a lot of love and care. So everyone still has a job and needs to be responsible.There are many responsibilities like...
-Scoopin' poop
-Feeding the dog
-Giving baths
-Grooming them
-Taking the dog(s) on walks
-Taking them on "doggy" play dates
-Keep water bowl filled throughout the day
-Taking them to the vet
-Checking for fleas and ticks
-Look for dog supervision during trips
- Watch out for guests with fear of dogs
-Give them lots of attention
And responsibilities as simple as...
-Handling them
-Just cuddling up and loving them

Started Thursday, June 11, 2015
A perfect pet!
The Miniature Schnoodle
Why a Miniature Schnoodle???
To get ready for a dog
The schnoodle(schnauzer/poodle) is a loyal, fun loving dog to the family. Schnoodles are smart, and easy to train. You can train them to go to the bathroom outside and
in the house. They are also smart enough to learn commands like "sit" and "stay", so they won't get into things.
From 10-20 pounds at full growth they are really easy to carry around and take places. Miniature Schnoodles range in height from 12-15 inches in size so the owner doesn't have to worry about their dog(s) jumping on them and knocking them down.
Last but not least they don't shed. You won't have to vacuum up all of the dogs fur laying around the house AND if somebody in the house hold is allergic to dogs, not this one!
These schnoodles are loyal, small, smart dogs, that every owner looking for a perfect little fun loving dog should get.
- Have gates already installed
- Have a bed and food prepared (like other wants or needs)
- Keep small things out of reach (always)
- Keep hazardous items (like human food) out of the way

- Let him explore
- Give him\her a chance get comfortable to you and to his\her surroundings
- At first, keep your house low-key.(Just keep him with
supervision in the main rooms. And if isn't potty trained carpet is
not a good choice.)
Miniature Schnoodles
Schnoodle puppy
When the dog arrives to his new home
-Human Food
-Toy Cars
(Long story short)
-Small Toys
- To go to the bathroom outside
By: Sonali and Saveena Ratnasinghe
Biggest Credits
I would say the biggest credits go to
Simran Verma.(She helped us with expenses, responsibilities, good convincing reasons, and more! So if we get this dog she COULD (because she is "adopted" by our family, grandmother our dog (If we get the dog AND if she's allowed)
P.S. That means you too are responsible for the dog. You can feed him and bathe him whenever you come over, but that also means you're a pooper scooper.:)
Thank you all for taking your time to listen to this presentation. Also, we thank Simran Verma , very much for helping out so much with this prezi. We both really appreciate all your help. But we aren't done yet! We have 1 more small section to show you!!! And thank you for looking at my prezi. If you have an account please comment below.
If you don't want your dog to be yap at night
Whenever it's evening and you have just fed the dog his/her dinner a couple hours before bedtime, you should walk your dog so he can lose all his energy and so YOU can have a quiet bedtime.
Budget & Expenses
- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JOfQGP089tUzpGeRINuC8t33d0ZQWnBfRRKtZN4sf1E/edit#gid=0
Cite My Sources
Fact Time
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