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Joshua Almes

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Immigration

Chinese Exclusion Acts:
1886, 1905, 1924, 1943 Severely restricted the # of Chinese immigrants to the US (105 in 1943) KKK - part II - added immigrants to
their hate list Reconstruction
Cheap labor for the Transcontinental Railroad (Chinese + Irish) Angel Island and Ellis Island Immigrate - to arrive in the US
Emigrate - to leave from the US Immigration Why did so many immigrants move?
- Gilded Age economy (boom)
- Flee war, poverty, disease
- Steamboats were fast and cheap Refugee - one who is displaced from their homeland Illegal Alien - person in a country
without the legal right to remain there Sacco and Vanzetti Anarchy - belief that there should
be absolutely no government - Accused of a crime in MA
- Beliefs in anarchy + Italian immigration

- Sentenced to death in 1927 2004
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