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The Invisible Girl

No description

Rebecca Schnellhardt

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of The Invisible Girl

The Invisible Girl
A realistic fiction novel by: Pamela Christman
This story takes place around the years 1975-1980, during the school year.

Main Idea
The main idea of this story is that no one is truly invisible. At the beginning, Susan thinks that she and her best friend Lori are invisible because no one notices them. Then Lori falls in love with an exchange student, Jean-Claude, but Susan says she shouldn't tell him because everyone will make fun of her. Because of this, Lori stops being her friend and confesses to Jean-Claude anyways. When she does, he tells her how nice she is and how he wants to be friends. Later, Lori confronts Susan and tells her that there is no such thing as invisible people, and that she was just choosing to push everyone away.
Susan and Lori don't stand out, but Lori has dreams.
She likes Jean-Claude, one of the popular kids, and because she watches movies where everything is perfect, she believes that her life can be perfect too. Susan thinks that that will never happen because she doesn't like popular kids. Without telling Susan, Lori writes a letter for Jean-Claude telling him her feelings. When Susan finds out, she rips the letter, so Lori decides to tell him herself. When she does, Jean-Claude says that Lori is the nicest person he'd met all year, and that they could have been friends. Because of this, Lori decides not to be friends with Susan any more and Susan begins to feel very lonely. The main idea of this story is that no one is truly invisible, even if they don't stand out. There is always someone who notices you, even if you think you are invisible.
I give this story three and a half stars, and I would recommend it to my peers.
The Invisible Girl
was very easy to relate to and easy to enjoy. The story was simple to understand and you could follow along to the plot very well. The story felt like something that would happened in real life, and while you were reading it, you were transported into the world of Susan and Lori. The only thing i didn't like about the story, is that you never found out what happened in the end.
Ven Diagram
The Invisible Girl
We both have brown hair because we were born with it.
I am visible, people notice me.
Susan is invisible, no one notices her.
Neither of us feel sorry for ourselves.

I have green eyes because I was born with them.
Susan has grey eyes because she was born with them.
Susan has one friend, Lori.
I have many friends, like Molly, Hayley and Christa.
Susan believes her friend and she are hopelessly average, because they do not stand out as much as others.
I believes that no one is average, because everyone is different.
Neither of us try to be anyone else because we are happy with who we are.
We both live in houses
because they are nicer than appartments.
Neither of us make trouble at school and behave well.
Susan's parents don't like new technology like VCRs.
My parents love new technology like computers and tablets.
It takes place at Susan and Lori's high school in Toronto, Ontario.
Friends, Susan and Lori feel invisible. But, when Lori gets a crush on Jean-Claude, a popular kid, their lives could become a lot more interesting.
Works Cited Page
Christman, Pamela.
The Invisible Girl
Toronto: Oxford Press, 1995. Print.
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