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No description

erika steinger

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of amigo

amigo brothers
amigo brothers
unit eq: what happens when you compete against a friend or a loved one? is winning always worth it?

Lesson eq: which literary element is most helpful to me in making meaning of a text?
amigo brothers
active reading
amigo brothers
Vocabulary target word
amigo brothers
critical reading- synthesize
amigo brothers
react and write
Do Now: Why do you think people try to evade talking about emotional problems? Give an example of a time that you were upset and how you handled the situation.
How do Felix and Antonio keep track of each other's progress?
Why is it important to keep your eyes on your competitor?
Mingle (verb)
to or
At a middle school dance, some boys and girls need to be forced to mingle.
Write > Do you think Antonio or Felix considered refusing to fight each other? Cite evidence from the story in your response.
Do you agree with the friends' decision to stay apart before the fight? Why or why not?
I agree/disagree with the friends' decision to stay apart before the fight because...
Based on the text evidence............., I think that..................
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