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SC EdTech 2012 50 Tools in 50 Minutes

Mary Lou Elliott

Mary L Elliott

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of SC EdTech 2012 50 Tools in 50 Minutes

Dipity Evernote QR Voice Cool Text Comic Master Capzles Projeqt Build Your Wild Self Box Flubaroo GlogsterEdu Gooru Reflection App &
Splashtop HippoCampus iBooks Author Jeopardy Games Jing Jog the Web Big Huge Labs Animoto LiveBinders NearPod Museum Box Mailinator or GuerillaMail Mindmeister PBWorks SymbalooEDU 50 Tools in 50 Minutes EasyBib Pixlr Pixton for Schools Portrait Illustration
Maker PowToon Present.Me Prezi QR Codes Scoop.it! Screenr SideVibe SlideRocket SlideShark Smore Stixy Socrative SugarSync Sweet Search timetoast Voki Weebly for Education Word Clouds & Tag Clouds (video) (posters) (storage & sharing) (avatar) (timeline/presentation) (digital storytelling) (tools) (timeline) (documentation) (notes) (grading tool) (digital poster) (resources) (resources) (publishing) (interactive games) (screen shots/screencast) (curate resources) (curate resources) (mind mapping) (disposable email) (presentations) (presentations) (timeline) (bookmarking) (search engine) (cloud storage) (assessment) (bulletin board) Mary Lou Elliott Available for computers, mobile devices, and tablets
A student response system that engages students through games and exercises
Teachers can easily assess student progress and track grades (poster) (presentation) (screencast) (curate resources) (iPad tools) (presentation) (presentation) (presentation) (presentation) (avatars) (comics/graphic novel) (photo editor) (wiki) Record what you see or do Capture what you see Animoto Education is a FREE web tool that allows users to create unlimited full length videos that incorporate:

short video clips

Users may provide all content or utilize images, videos, and music provided on the website. Completed videos may be viewed online or downloaded and viewed offline. Non-education accounts allow users to create 30 second videos. http://animoto.com/play/N5qbtOj5ZI0QM7u040uizA Big Huge Labs has numerous activities provided and most of
them can be used in K-12 classrooms. Some of the activities that
are classroom friendly include tools to generate:
Movie Posters
Motivational Posters
Pop Art Posters
Magazine Covers
Jigzaw Puzzles
Calendars access and share files anywhere, anytime
share files easily with a link
allows the uploading of photos and videos
save content directly to Box from more than 30 compatible apps
stream content using AirPlay https://www.box.com/personal/ Create interactive, media-rich time lines
Time lines can include
descriptive text http://www.capzles.com/#/c735ecc7-733e-48be-8a77-631d4371bf47/ An interactive Web 2.0 tool that allows students to easily create their own comic books/graphic novels. requires student sign-up
no account verification
required http://www.comicmaster.org.uk/ A FREE graphics generator for web pages and
anywhere else you need an impressive logo
without complicated software. Simply choose
what kind of image you would like and fill out
a form. CoolText generates a logo that users
can download. http://cooltext.com/ Very easy interface for students to create an avatar
Choose human parts: gender, hair, eyes, mouth,
and clothes
Choose from a variety of animal parts to
create their own weird and funny avatar http://www.buildyourwildself.com/ Create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive,
visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio,
images, text, links, social media, location
and timestamps. http://www.dipity.com/ An online tool that helps users create:
MLA style citations
APA style citations
Chicago/Turabian style citations
Create a works cited list
Parenthetical (in-text) citations Other features: Notebook Tool
take notes for your project
organize notes and link to citations http://www.easybib.com/ All notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer. Save everything cool and exciting you see online and in the real world A free grading tool for multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments Five easy steps:
Create an Assignment
Create an Answer Key
Assign It
Grade It
Review the Grades http://www.flubaroo.com/ Allows users to upload photos, videos, text, audio and more to create a unique online, interactive poster. http://searkx5rw.edu.glogster.com/flappers-fashion/ http://edu.glogster.com/ Teachers and students can use Gooru to search for
collections of multimedia resources, digital textbooks,
videos, games and quizzes created by educators http://about.goorulearning.org/index.php/features/feature-breakdown https://www.evernote.com/pub/mlelliott/booktrailers Multimedia lessons and course materials to help students with core instruction, homework, and study
Lessons and courses can be browsed or searched via topic area
Teachers can create custom HippoCampus pages for students Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE) Project of the http://www.hippocampus.org/ Free app for Mac only iBook Author widget features insert dynamic elements into pages
add photo galleries and movies
add full Keynote presentations
interactive images
3D objects http://www.apple.com/ibooks-author/gallery.html Create a customized jeopardy template
without PowerPoint
Games can be played online from
anywhere in the world https://jeopardylabs.com/ www.techsmith.com/ http://www.jogtheweb.com/ A web-based tool that allows anyone to create a guide
to a collection of web sites
A step by step process takes users through the web sites
Author of the jog can annotate and ask guiding questions
for each page

Collect your resources
Organize them quickly and easily
Present them to the world,
Share with a designated audience
Keep them private PDFs, images, videos and websites can be combined with active links within a binder. http://www.livebinders.com/ http://www.mindmeister.com/ Sign up for a free account
Create simple or complex mind maps
Add ideas into your default mind map on MindMeister directly from a Mac Dashboard, Windows Sidebar or Yahoo! Widgets Desktop, without opening a browser or login. http://museumbox.e2bn.org/creator/viewer/show/34 This site provides the tools for you to
build up an argument or description
of an event, person or historical period
by placing items in a virtual box. Mailinator & GuerillaMail are free email services that allow users to create temporary disposable mailboxes
No sign-up required
No registration required
Completely anonymous http://www.mailinator.com/ https://www.guerrillamail.com/ Allows teachers to create and share interactive lessons, receive feedback on student device use, assess learning in real time, and personalize instruction for students who are logged into the Nearpod Student app. http://www.nearpod.com/ Key Features include:

Multimedia plug-ins: Embed video & audio
Student accountability: See who changed what, and automatically reverse any changes. The page history lets you keep track of all changes.
Workspace-wide access control. Select the specific users who have access, or make the workspace public and available to all.
Classroom accounts (no email required!) http://bit.ly/RcD5fd Online photo editor
No registration required
Includes a collection of tools that range from very simple to advanced http://pixlr.com/ http://www.jogtheweb.com/run/hlYbrkLEygl2/How-to-Jog-the-Web http://www.pixton.com/comic/5s27bbf0 30 day free trial -- 50 student accounts http://www.pixton.com/schools/collection/Pixton+for+Schools Comics can include images, text, and narration and can be published as single panels, multiple panel "strips" or as a "graphic novel" and comics can be created in 40+ languages. Create realistic avatars for blogs and wikis. http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml Presentation tool that allows you to create animated presentations by dragging and dropping designed elements to your slides. http://www.powtoon.com/ http://present.me/tour Upload Compatible files
Google Docs
Open Office Record
present into a webcam
click through your slides as you go Present.Me allows users to upload just slides, add audio, add video ($), or just upload a video ($) all with the same account, and all from the same place. Free accounts do not include video uploads and is limited to 3 presentations/month. Free Accounts & Low Cost Education accounts http://present.me/explore/featured A web based zooming presentation/storytelling tool. Incorporate of a variety of types of media "objects" including:

Video clips
Documents (pdf)
YouTube videos
Charts http://prezi.com Incorporate:
interactive maps
PDF documents
music https://projeqt.com/hmoorefield/top-websites-2012/curriculum-collaboration/l http://projeqt.com/ http://www.qrstuff.com/ http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ http://www.classtools.net/QR/ http://bit.ly/Wz6KVl QR voice encodes a given text message into QR code that once scanned by a QR scanner smartphone application reproduces the message with a synthesized voice. Talking QR Codes http://qrvoice.net/ English Spanish Airplay mirror an iPhone or iPad to a PC or Mac Reflection App http://www.reflectionapp.com/ Splashtop Remote Desktop Access your PC desktop from an iPhone or iPad http://www.splashtop.com/home Free trial Xtras Issuu (publish) (web tool) http://www.sidevibe.com/ Browser extension Unlimited free student accounts do NOT require an email address A curation tool that enable users to collect articles, news and other sources from around the web, and share them on a custom-themed Scoop.it! site. It similar to social bookmarking (Diigo, Delicious) but with a visual, online magazine-like format. http://www.scoop.it/ http://www.scoop.it/t/mlelliott-tech-tools Screenr is free & does not require a software download. Record up to a 5 minute screencast then login with a Google or social media account to publish. http://www.screenr.com/ Free education accounts (may require email)
Use slide transitions, object effects, & themes
Use layouts
Use shapes, charts, & tables
Use images, audio and video
Integrate content from YouTube and Flickr
Pull data from Google Docs
Import & edit existing PPT & PDF files
Export to PowerPoint http://bit.ly/TGqekN http://bit.ly/Vo6VU8 http://www.sliderocket.com/ (iPad app) PowerPoint on the iPad and iPhone:

View and show presentations properly
Preserve animations, fonts, graphics and colors
Share slides for on-demand viewing and tracking https://www.slideshark.com/ Create, share, and print awesome flyers. Use your own content or utilize web content for flyers. http://smore.com/dvw3 http://www.smore.com/ http://www.stixy.com/guest/232661 Collaborate, create, organize, and share content
Customize and design an unlimited number of digital bulletin boards
Upload files
Add notes
Add images
Add documents
Create to-do lists http://www.stixy.com/guest/171566 http://www.stixy.com/ 5 GB free storage
Access files on any device
Share documents with students/teachers
Collaboration with multi-user sync
Share files from PC to iPad http://www.sugarsync.com/ Features A Search Engine for Students It searches only credible Web sites approved by Internet research experts. http://www.sweetsearch.com/ A free educational tool that allows teachers and students to save their online resources in the cloud with access from any device. With an account a users resources are available on any iPhone, PC, Mac and iPad. http://edu.symbaloo.com/ http://www.timetoast.com/ http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/99608 (free website ) (avatar) Create personalized speaking avatars
Multiple language & accents available
Type text and utilize the Voki narrators or record your own voice http://www.voki.com/ http://issuu.com/ Tagul http://tagul.com/ Tagxedo http://www.tagxedo.com/ Image Chef http://www.imagechef.com/ic/word_mosaic/ SpicyNodes http://www.spicynodes.org/ (mind map) Testmoz https://testmoz.com/ (online test generator) Teach With Web 2.0 Wiki https://teachwithweb2.wikispaces.com/ http://www.socrative.com/ http://education.weebly.com/ Resources for this Presentation on
Jog the Web @ http://bighugelabs.com/education.php Lancaster High School
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