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Minecraft Mobs

No description

Tyler Crouch

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft Mobs

Minecraft mobs
Minecraft Mobs
There are many different minecraft mobs in minecraft but here are the most dangerous.
The Creeper
These strange creatures can pick up blocks and may teleport if harmed . If you were to attack one of them but not finish the job you will start experiencing strange noises.Upon death they may drop enderpearls.
If you were to attack one of these guys it would attract nearby zombies and then you would have a zombie hoard on your hands.They can also break down doors.Upon death they drop rotten flesh.
These other undead creature holds a bow and arrow which it will use to attack you and push you back.Upon death they drop bones,arrows,and sometimes a bow.
These little vermin's blow you up if you get to close also upon death they drop gunpowder.
These 8 legged pests only harm you if your in a cave or if its nighttime.They can climb walls which could be a doosy if your trying to get away.Upon death they drop string and spider eyes.
These blobs of jello split into multiple slimes upon death.When all are killed they drop slime balls.
These hags will poison you and harm you with potions if you attack them not to mention they even have they're own hut. Upon death they drop glass bottle,redstone, gunpowder,glowstone dust,spider eye,stick,and sugar.
The Enderdragon
This final boss dwells in the end world.There he fly's around destroying anything it touches.Upon death they drop nothing.
The Wither
This 3 headed monster can only be spawned if you create it.It attacks by shooting its heads at you which blows up anything it touches.Upon death it drops a nether star which can be used to craft a beacon.
These flying gasballs/fireballs shoot fire charges which blow up anything it touches also if you deflect one you get an achievement.Upon death they may drop ghast tear or gunpowder.
Zombie pigman
These zombie pigs walk around with a gold sword in its hand.They don't attack you unless you attack them and they can form hoards like regular zombies.They can be found in the nether or if a zombie bites a pig it turns into a pigman.Upon death they drop gold nugget and rotten flesh.
Minecraft mob video complication
Wither Skeleton
These black skeletons walk around holding a stone sword and if it attacks you ,you get the wither effect.Upon death they drop coal,bones or wither skeleton skulls.
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