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Marketing strategy for the NRL

Adrian Grasso

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of NRL-Marketing

National Rugby League It is your League too
The A-League is the premier Australian domestic association football competition. It was founded in 2004 and consisted of eight clubs. Currently it is contested by eleven teams: ten located across Australia and one from New Zealand.
In its opening year, average crowds per game were 10,955. Between 2007 and 2008 this average rose to 14,610. Since then it has declined with a current average of 9,796.
Has limited television coverage, being played on cable television alone. Overseas it is watched in New Zealand, United States, Hong Kong, Canada and the United Kingdom. Direct Competition The Australian Football League (AFL) is the premier, national Australian rules football competition in Australia. The league has been around since 1877.
The AFL is the most attended sporting league in Australia . The AFL is currently the fourth-most attended professional sports league in the world in terms of attendance per match, with an average attendance of over 38,000.
Loses to the National Rugby League when it comes to television ratings a majority of the time depending on the teams playing. On April 30 2010 the nights AFL games attracted 649,000 people watching it on television while the nights NRL game attracted 733,000 viewers. Only two days later, Sundays AFL match attracted 597,000 viewers while the NRL match of the day only attracted 441,000 viewers.
The Australian Football League also has a comedic panel show titled ‘The Footy Show’. The National Rugby League’s ‘The Footy Show’ beats this show in television ratings a majority of thurday nights. On Thursday the 28th of April the Australian Football League’s ‘The Footy Show’ attracted 443,000 viewers while the National Rugby League’s ‘The Footy Show attracted 835,000 viewers. NRL’s indirect competition includes other TV programs running during the same time as games, as well as concerts

Around 4 million people aged 15 years and over attended popular music concerts last year. They account for one-quarter of the population in their age group.

Among them, about 65 per cent attend popular music concerts more than once in a year.

The number of people aged 18 years and over attending music concerts increased between 2002 and 2006.

For popular music concerts the rate increased from 26 per cent to 32 per cent.

In comparison, a small average of 15, 796 NRL supporters attended the finale live game throughout 2005-2009.

On yourtv.com.au the NRL did not come close to making the ‘most popular’ list. Comedy shows and criminal shows topped the list.

Friday Night Football’s ratings is easily beat by Masterchef on channel TEN. Indirect Competition Product - The NRL is very popular in Queensland, New South Wales and New Zealand. Crowd attendances and TV ratings are still very high however it suffers from an image problem which has caused parents to reconsider letting their children play the sport at a grassroots level, preferring sports such as soccer at a grass roots level. The aim is to highlight that the NRL is a great sport for children to grow up with by focusing on the good things that players do for the community and by highlighting how the game has helped changed players lives for the better.
Price - The aim is to keep it affordable for middle and lower class families to go to every week.
Place - The target area is of New South Wales and various suburbs, Queensland, mainly Brisbane and North Queensland and as of late Melbourne Victoria.
Promotion - The aim remind people that it is a great Australian sport, and that if kids play it they turn out to be decent human being by focusing on players helping their community.
Marketing Strategy The National Rugby League is your league too, get intrigued, get inspired, we all love the game now show it, support the league that is rightfully yours. The NRL has increasingly had built upon an bad image, now with their most recent campaign in 2010 they are trying to mend this image, but in 2011 and 2014 the campaign should go on further. Their most recent marketing campaign was aimed at steering away from the scandals which so often surround the players and creating the image that is a family sport. However this attempt was unsuccessful as most people said that although they will continue to watch the sport, they are less willing to allow their children to associate with the game which therefore harms the future success of the NRL. A new or improved campaign must therefore be established for 2011-2014. The NRL must use this campaign to not only compete with the AFL and A-League for fans but also with music concerts and shows such as Masterchef which compete for television times and ratings. The aim is therefore to change the opinions of fans and other people within the target and promote the view that the NRL will not have a harmful affect on their children. This is achieved through the promotion of the game and more so the fans rather than the players. As after all the National rugby league is your League too. Introduction
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