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National symbols

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tak nie

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of National symbols

Polish national symbols The Flag The Emblem The Anthem This is the Polish patriotic song written in 1797 by Józef Wybicki for Polish Legions in Italy. The autor of this melody is unknown. The Polish people sang it in every uprising, battle and war. This motivated them to fight. Since 26 February 1927r. it's a Polish national anthem. Polish flag is white and red, the white colour is at the top of the flag and the red colour is at the bottom. The white is a symbol of the water, or white feathers of the eagle and means purity, innocence the red colour is a symbol of the fire or blood of the soldiers killed and means courage and power. In Poland we have the flags day. We celebrate this on 2nd May. The Polish emblem consists of the red background, white eagle with the head pointing right, gold crown and gold claws. The emblem is associated with the legend about the begining of Poland. The legend of the three brothers
Over one thousand years ago, there lived a king who ruled over the lands that lay near the mouth of the Vistula River.
When the king died, his wealth was left to his three sons, Lech, Czech and Rus. Their father's kingdom was not large
enough to be divided between the three brothers, so they decided to set out in search of other lands.
Lech was the oldest and became the new chief. His brothers were jealous and the three often quarreled over which of them would make the best leader. After months of weary travel, the three brothers came upon a hill in a land of green
meadows. At the top of the hills stood a giant Oak tree, and above the tree flew a great white eagle.
"That eagle is a good sign from the Gods!" Lech told his brothers. "I'm going to climb this tree and have a look around." As Lech climbed up the tree he saw the eagle's nest high in the branches. The eagle flew near him and would not let him
come close to the nest. But he had climbed high enough to see for miles in every direction.
To the north Lech saw a large body of water. To the east he saw an endless plain of flat and fertile land and to the south were hills where sheep and cattle could graze. To the west was a thick, dark forest. Lech came down and told his brothers what he had seen. Czech wanted to go south and Rus argued that east would be better. Finally, the three brothers decided to separate. The people who agreed with Czech went with Czech. The people who agreed with Rus went with Rus. But most of the people remained with
Lech and asked him which way he planned to go. "We will stay right here!" Lech told them. Thus, Lech became the first Duke
of Poland and he assumed leadership of the Western Slavs. So, the people began to build a town there on the hill, and Lech chose the white eagle with its wings spread wide as their emblem. They called their town Gniezno, which means "A Nest" in the Slavic language. The town became the capital of their nation. As time went on, their country became known as Poland. Szczerbiec Szczerbiec is a sword with which the bishop coronated the King of Poland. It is a most priceless antique in Poland. The name "Szczerbiec" comes from scratches, and chipped places on it. The Chrobry's crown The Chrobry's crown is the most important coronation insignia of the kings of Poland. It is a symbol authority form God, symbol of freedom of Poland and the kings' power. This crown was created of the gold and precious stones. Each king had it on head only one time, during the coronation. This crown was stolen in 1795r by Prussians and destroyed. The Folk costumes Krakow costume Kurpie costume Lowicki costume In Poland we have a lot of folk costumes. It is because each region of Poland has its own and this there are a most popular of them. Kashubian costume Kujawian costume Zywiec highlanders costume
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