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Travel Quest - July 2017


Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 16 November 2017

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Transcript of Travel Quest - July 2017

Advantages of Online Marketing
... Where your journey begins
Maintain top-of-mind awareness of Travel Quest to travelers and future travelers in Portage la Prairie and area - and beyond!
Reinforce position as trusted place to go for 'perfectly planned and hassle-free vacations.'
Provide consistent 24/7 visual exposure of the Travel Quest brand during main Manitoba travel months (Cold!).
Provide convenient opportunity for customers to visit the Travel Quest website for helpful information, travel deals and further branding.
What we can do for you.
PortageOnline is there with news, sports, and weather On Demand!
Quality creative can engage and inform prospective clients with a call-to-action directing them where you want them to go.
Our content-integrated advertisements are visible 24 hours/day, 7 days/week,
365 days of the year.
Radio and Online combine to outperform other media by
Our History
"'Built by Radio"'
30-second commercials daily
Jock Talk
Launched in 2003
# of users: 0
# of page views: 0
Average of 92,000 users (IP addresses/devices etc) visit our site monthly!
Over 96% of users return
We are the #1 source of local news for Portage la Prairie and Area!
Today - 2017
2.8 million pages of hyper-local content
every month!
Over 60% of Canadians own a smart phone.

Average adult spends about 86 hours/month or 2.8 hours/day on their smartphone.
Add in Mobile Browsing...
Over 1,200 downloads since May 2017 Launch!
Big Box ad #1
News Pages
Online Marketing Plan
Reinforce the message you are sending through media with a visual presence.
BIG BOX-1 AD ON NEWS PAGE: $525.00 per month
PortageLive App: $150.00 per month
Total Investment: $4,050.00
On Top of the World!
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