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ItsLearning Grey Court School

No description

Richard Jacob

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of ItsLearning Grey Court School

Why itsLearning at Grey Court cont.... Grey Court itsLearning Intuitive So why itsLearning at Grey Court? itslearning schools average 80% adoption compared to 20% for other VLE's Uses a similar folder structure to Microsoft

No more forgetting usernames and passwords! Personal storage space Why itsLearning at Grey Court cont.... Single Sign On Students can store their files online and access them from home

Students can create own project spaces where they invite each other to collaborate, share and work together Why itsLearning at Grey Court cont.... Automated H/W and Test Marking Think way beyond just multiple choice questions!

Grades automatically stored in your personal markbook and are available to export to Excel. Why itsLearning at Grey Court cont.... What have we achieved with Fronter? Why itsLearning at Grey Court cont.... Email an entire class or just one student without the need to know their email address Integrated student email Plagiarism Detection Enable automatic plagiarism detection simply by checking a box

Especially useful in the 6th form. Why itsLearning at Grey Court cont.... Support individual students Set and track individual learning objectives with Individual Learning Plans Students not able to come into school can still access lessons and resources
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