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Hip Hop and Education Reform

No description

Allison Lanese

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Hip Hop and Education Reform

Right! It's Bigger Than HIP HOP Origins of the Word Hop Hip Hop Hippi African word meaning
Enlightened Hop To jump forward Hip Hop Enlightened Action So, by the definition of the word, hip hop is designed to send a message and push for change!
This makes it a perfect tool for education reform! Hip Hop as a Tool for Education Reform Generally those who are the ones
writing hip hop are those who are
not served well by the
education system. That would make them ideal candidates
to write songs about education reform. But are they doing it? Well, yes and no. There are artists who make it their mission to make songs about not only education reform, but social justice in general. One of these groups is Dead Prez. Their song "They Schools," is all about how the education system is not doing its job for minority students. Let's break down some of the topics discussed in this song 1. School is run by the same people who run the prison system and the whole social system -does this mean that school is run like a prison? -do they provide any examples of what can be done to make school feel less like a prison? -do you think that fights in the hallway and a general tone of disrespect should be punished? -"He was convinced the gang leaders were the most promising young people in the area. They weren't just sheep like the rest of the students; they were rebels with sharpened, anti-authoritarian reflexes, rappers possessed of mother-wit, renegades to whom the future should belong."
--Jeff Chang, Can't Stop, Won't Stop In terms of this quote, at what point should rebels be celebrated and at what point should they be punished?
-What does our current school system say about this matter? Language Use in the Song Does the use of foul and disrespectful language help or hurt the cause? The schools are not teaching what needs to be learned -The school curriculum is taught from a white perspective This helps the white students, but is it possible to help the black students as well? This song really pushes the idea of white priveledge in the school setting So, this song points out many problems that need to be reformed in schools, but what about the solutions? This is where the song seems to fall flat. Also, the artists that are not on the radio are rarely heard, as is stated numerous times in our readings. So, what should we do??? Pay attention to the artists who are not on the radio MK Asante points out that the hip hop on the radio is like fast food, it is food but not good food. There is much better food available if you look. There is much better and more socially conscious hip hop available if you look. Pay attention to the messages in the songs that are played on the radio. Some major artists do put education related information in their songs! Lupe Fiasco
-home issues affecting school life Kanye West
-education does not apply to real life So, in conclusion... Hip Hop songs are great for awareness if they can get on the radio...but they do not create a
solution to the problems
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