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White Board Prezumé by Kristin Lozinsky

No description

Kristin Lozinsky

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of White Board Prezumé by Kristin Lozinsky

Buffalo, NY

The Resume of Kristin A. Lozinsky
-21st Century Learning
-Behavior Management

I have been a volunteer for the Special Olympics in our area for the last four years. I also have a strong interest in sports and the arts.
Bachelor of Science
Fluent with eSchool, MAC iOS, Windows operating systems, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Pages, Keynote, SmartTech (SmartBoards), ActiveInspire (Promethean Boards), iMovie, ChromeBooks, Mimeo
Software, document cameras such as Elmos and IPEVOs, some HTML web design skills.

Conducted trainings on Close Reading
Assisted with the implementation of Common Core throughout our building.
Here is a small collection of some of the trainings/presentations I have completed or Prezi's I use in my classroom.
STREAM Presentation
Classroom Schedule/Objectives
Master of Education
University at Buffalo, December 2010
Childhood Education with a Literacy Emphasis

Buffalo State College, December 2008
Exceptional Education with a Concentration in Mathematics
Fourth Grade Teacher 2015-present
Second Grade Teacher 2012-2015
o STREAM (STEM/STEAM) Coordinator: Currently implementing a STREAM Academy program for our elementary students to help enhance interdisciplinary studies and project-based learning.
o Helped develop a new report card for WNY Catholic Schools as part of their Standards Based Grading Committee.
o Member of our school’s Student Effectiveness Team.
o Actively involved with the community both in and out of school.
o Collaborated with other grade level teachers on a daily basis.
o Integrated Common Core through EngageNY for all subjects.

St. Mary's Elementary
o Provided academics throughout the summer for second and third graders during the Say Yes to Education Summer School Program.
o Provided academic enrichment for third and fourth graders with special needs after school though the Say Yes to Education Program.
o Implemented a project-based learning approach while maintaining Montessori values.

Boys and Girls Club
at Buffalo PS 32
Substitute Teacher
o Subbing was on a daily basis with the majority of time spent in Special Education classrooms.
o Built a great rapport with students, faculty and staff.
Tonawanda City School District
Experienced educator with a solid focus on individual special needs to ensure every student’s unique learning styles are addressed. Skilled in implementing a variety of classroom management techniques and behavior modifications. Proficient in technology and integrating new ideas to create exciting and engaging lessons. Well-versed in Common Core and the application of standards-based grading. Committed to maximizing student performance and developing lifelong learners. Hard-working and devoted both in and out of the classroom to help build a strong sense of community and improve rapport.
***References available upon request.***
Second/Third Grade Teacher
Third/Fourth Grade Teacher
Long-Term Substitute
o Self-contained 12:1:1 kindergarten, first, second, and third grade classroom.
o Took over the duties of a teacher on leave, including lesson planning and assessments.
o Implemented a variety of behavior modifications.

Close Reading Presentation
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