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Short Stories

No description

Dina Balladares

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Short Stories

Short Stories
The Story of an Hour
The whole story takes place in a bar inside the train station.
The American:
The American is the protagonist of the short story, who is depicted as very masculine, he shows himself to be knowledgeable, and very wordy. This is seen when he makes the "operation" seem a simple task which shows that he wants her to have the abortion.
However he is willing to let her keep the baby if that is what makes her happy

The Girlfriend:
The girlfriend seems to be rather unsure of her thoughts and decisions, and acts less assertive than her boyfriend. She genuinely cares for her boyfriend, and tries to make situations convenient for him. However, the American wants her to be happy. The girlfriend knows that regardless of whether or not she receives the operation, their relationship with her boyfriend will not be the same.
Louise was trapped in her marriage , her husband restricted her despite the fact she was a wealthy women, when she finds out the death of her husband she feels a sense of freedom, yet the miscommunication of his death was incorrect. Her husband wasn't dead and when he returns she is so shocked she suffers a heart attacks and dies, her freedom now gone forever.
Louise Mallard:

Louise independent young woman with hear problems. She reacts to her husband's death in an unexpected way. Instead of feeling shocked and sad, she starts to hysterically cry. She realizes that her marriage suppressed her sense of freedom, and when her husband dies, this freedom is restored. Louise had already conditioned herself that her husband was dead, and when she sees that he is alive she is shocked and ultimately dies of heart disease caused by joy.

Detail 4
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
White Elephant
- the hills or white elephants as she says, symbolize the shape pregnancy of the woman.

When being so restricted for a long period of time, nothing is more relieving then freedom.
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