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Biblical References in Song of Solomon IOP

Madison Tluczek 11/5/12

Madison Tluczek

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Biblical References in Song of Solomon IOP

First Corinthians First Corinthians does not have a direct namesake, but relates to Paul, writer of First Corinthians. Ruth Ruth takes after Ruth from the Bible, comparing Biblical Ruth's mother in law to Ruth from Song of Solomon's father. Madison Tluczek Pilate Pilate, unlike any of the other characters, completely contrasts her namesake Pontius Pilate. Milkman Birth Reba Reba closely follows her namesake, Rebekah. Lena Hagar Hagar almost exactly follows her namesake, Hagar. She has one of the only names that stays exact to the Bible. Biblical References
in Song of Solomon Rebirth Death Milkman has no direct Biblical namesake, but many parallels can be drawn between him and Jesus. In the Bible, Joseph and Mary were called to Bethlehem because of a census, and Jesus was born in a manger under the star of Bethlehem. The Bible states that Jesus rose three days after the crucifixion. The story of Jesus on Earth ends with him rising up into Heaven. The Bible says that Jesus is perfect and had never sinned, whereas Milkman arguably made more mistakes than any other character in the book. In the Bible, Rebekah loves both of her sons, but she favors Jacob and does everything in her power to make sure he gets the family blessing. This means potentially sacrificing her bond with her husband and Esau, which is very important to her. Reba shows Rebekah's motherly love by sacrificing her diamond for money to buy Hagar clothes. Lena follows closely to her namesake, Mary
Magdalene. In the Bible, Mary Magdalene is one of the women who visits the tomb after the crucifixion. After seeing that Jesus had risen, she went to tell the news to the disciples. In the book, Lena brings news to Milkman about how selfishly he had been living. In the Bible Hagar gives birth to Ishmael, Abraham's first son. Ishmael is brought into the home, but when Sarah bears her own child, they no longer have a need for Hagar and abandon her. In Song of Solomon, Hagar is used by Milkman for years and then abandoned after he eventually gets tired of her. In the Bible, even after Ruth's husband dies, she refuses to leave her mother in law. After Ruth's father dies, she refuses to leave him for a new life. Paul tries to unify the people of the early Christian Church by solving their problems and bringing them together in God.
First Corinthians also unifies the people when she breaks the class barrier and has an affair with Porter. In the Bible Pilate is viewed as the “Christ Killer” who gives in to the pressure of the crowd and chooses the other prisoner to live. Pilate shows completely opposite characteristics and is very independent and loving, sacrificing her life for Milkman, or the Christ figure. Pilate’s strength and independence could also relate to breaking away from her namesake.
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