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Morality & Human Behavior Chapter 7

No description

Sam Buemi

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Morality & Human Behavior Chapter 7

Many famous ideas about men & Equality
Ex: Guantanamo BAY
Ex: Nazi Experiments
The idea is:
Moral Law known by human reason
Essential for functioning as human beings.
Natural Law
Not a "Law of nature"
Prescriptive - tell us how
we Ought to behave
No Higher Laws
Interested in Individual
Not General
First to develop complex
ethical philosophy
Human Nature
Aristotle closely observed nature
Suggested an order to nature
Goal Oriented - teleological
Innate characteristics define us
To function properly, humans must
perfect their human nature
Humans share commonality
w/ Animals
Multiple Senses
Growth to Maturity
Are We
Unique compared
to Animals?
Humans have a Rational Element
Human Goodness is following our innate tendencies
Knowing & Choosing Freely are uniquely human

"That which inhibits our
nature is objectionable"
How things are may not be how they ought to be
Floods, Famines exist-
Does this make it a "good" thing?
Evolutionary Theory
Challenges Natural Law
Evolution argues change
& variation
Natural Rights
Follow Reason
Not Emotion
Voltaire - Morality
has a universal source
Morality & Human Nature
Lock - humans should be treated equal;
all have same basic nature
We receive our morality from our nature.
Evaluating Natural Law Theory
And not created
by any GOD
Believed the Universe is Eternal
Not Everyone Agrees On What Human Nature Is
Requires looking
inward at human nature
The Good At Which All Things Aim - Aristotle
Rights are Universal
Aquinas - human are
naturally inclined to be
good based on reason
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