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Popular Horse Breeds By SIdney Thomas, Anah Noble, Olivia Mcchristian, and Mallory Feldewerth

Sidney Thomas

on 12 April 2013

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Popular Horse Breeds Fox Trotters
By Sidney Thomas Friesians
By Mallory Feldewerth Quarter Horses
By Anah Noble Arabian
By Olivia
McChristian Fox Trotters are originally from
the Ozark hills in the United States. The Quarter Horse is originated the United States of America. Freisians are from Friesland, Netherlands. Great sprinting speed over short distances; short, refined head; strong, well-muscled body, featuring a broad chest and powerful, rounded hindquarters. They can be nearly all colors. The most common color is sorrel, a brownish red, part of the color group called chestnut by most other breed registries. Other recognized colors include bay, black, brown, buckskin, palomino, gray, dun, red dun, grullo (also occasionally referred to as blue dun), red roan, blue roan, bay roan, perlino, cremello, and white. They are 14.3 hands high to 16 hands. The Arabian horse is from Arabian peninsula. A Friesian horse has a long, thick mane and tail, often wavy, and silky hair on the lower legs, which are left untrimmed. Behaviors of the Quarter Horse ;
their temperament is very good, don't spook easily, and very intelligent. Their features and characteristics are 'dished' face, chiseled features and sleek glistening coats, they stand out in a crowd as being the most compelling breed of horse. The Friesian horse association is the FHANA.(Friesian Horse Associaton of North America.) Fox Trotters are anywhere
from 14 hands high to
16 hands high. Friesian horses are also used as a powerful utility animal. The most common color is
chestnut, although any color is
permissible in the breed. They show Friesian horses in Open Long-Lining Freestyle, Pleasure, Open Scholarship, Driving, and many more. Their head is delicate with a
tapered muzzle. The chest is deep
and wide, with the sloped shoulders
contributing to the unique "Fox Trot" gait. The arabian horse spooks easy and very stubborn. The back has to be long enough to
accommodate the sliding action
of the hind legs. The hind
quarters are well muscled and
slope from croup to dock. Associations for Quarter Horses:
AQHA, NFAQA, and Nebraska, Montana,
New Jersey, Kentucky, Texas, and Iowa Quarter Horse Associations. Their behavior is kind and willing. The AHA Arabian Horse Association International Arabian Horse Association (IAHA) and the Arabian Horse Registry of America (AHRA) in 2003. They are used for quarter mile racing, rodeos, horse shows, ranch or work, sporting events, and trail riding. Arabian horses have compact bodies that suggest strength and speed. Their backs are short, and ideally they have well sloping shoulders, and powerful hindquarters. Arabian horses have elegant arched necks, fine silky manes and tails and a refined head. The Arabian horse's physical presence suggests refinement, power, agility, and elegance. They are in showed in Western and English, halter, and performance. Arabians excel in almost every horse sport. They are the horses of choice for long distance trail competitions. They make elegant dressage horses, provide thrills comparable to any Thoroughbred on the racetrack, and are impressive in the show ring in pleasure classes, over jumps or providing spectacle in native Arabian costume classes. Arabian horses can be affectionate companions and many older Arabians make wonderful family and beginner horses whether ridden or driven in harness. The arabian horse is shown for sports long distance pleasure jumping. One of the largest associations are
MFTHBA, which stands for
Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed
Association. Fox Trotters have good dispositions and willing attitudes. Great for anybody really! Fox Trotter's Uses:
Pleasure Riding
Trail Riding
Cross Country Riding Showed For:
Pleasure Riding
Racing: Barrel Racing,
Pole Bending, Flags, Plug
Race, Egg & Spoon Race
Western Riding
English Riding
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