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Do I Dare? Who am I?

No description

aliya martinelli

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Do I Dare? Who am I?

Do I Dare? Who am I?
By: Emmi Rivera, Aliya Martinelli,
Iman Virani, Esenya Fernandez

Zuri at Bat
By: Nikki Grimes
Harlem Hopscotch By: Maya Angelou
Alliteration: Because it says "Smart-mouth J.T. snickered loud and said,"
Hyperbole: "It ripped through the clouds and headed for a star."
Onomatopoeia: "Ripped"
Puny: Small or petite.
Strutted: Walked/run somewhere.
Slammed: Hitting very hard.
Alliteration: Because it says "Hold for three, then twist and jerk."
Alliteration: Because it says "They think I lost I think I won.
Idiom: Because it says "Since you black, don't stick around."
Curse: Meaning that you are saying a bad word.
Hisself: Meaning that it's talking about himself.
Stick: Meaning that you're just another person.
Self Identity
Zuri at Bat
reminds us of a time when someone tried to bring us down but we stood strong.

Harlem Hopscotch
reminds us about time's when we played hopscotch when we were younger.
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