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Network School

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Vietnam

Vietnam has lots of places to visit for example Ho Chi Minh city it is the largest city in Vietnam, there are lots of shopping mall restaurant and much more. There is also a floating market called Mekong Delta. They sell fishes, rice paddies, fruit orchid, sugar cane grove and much more. They also gave a nickname to it( Vietnam's Rice Basket ). They also have a fish farm. Last but not least Phan Thiet beach. It is a very beautiful beach in the southeast side of Vietnam. The water is transparent you can see fishes through the water.
In Vietnam the costume are comfortable to wear it is mad out of silk or cotton. It is a dress which cover your arms and legs the also wear a loss pants underneath the dress but for men the dress is a bit shorter. The traditional costume color of Vietnam is white but there are lots of colors with different patterns.
Traditional costume

It can be hot and cold in Vietnam but the average temperature is 29 degree Celsius.
But in the cold season the temperature is 17 degree to 25 degree and in the hot season the temperature goes up to 35 degree to 45 degree. the best time to visit Vietnam is in July. The temperature is perfect not too cold and not too hot.
The people in Vietnam are kind hearted people but some of the people can be very bad. The population of people in Vietnam is 95,052,598 in total.

The people
There are so many jobs in Vietnam and for example teachers taxi driver manger and more.
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