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Optical Illusions for discussion.

Amy E. Counts

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Perception

What do you see?
perception / reality?
designed by amy counts
for educational use
Select a literary work (poem, fiction, or nonfiction) and change the point of view/perspective. Write 3-4 sentences from the new POV.
Take a piece of paper and cut out a shape. Then, hold it up to the image. How did your understanding of the piece change?
Literary Terms:
1st person - "I feel"
2nd person - "You feel"
3rd person omniscient - writer expresses thoughts and feelings of all characters
3rd person limited - writer expresses thoughts and feelings of only one character
change characters OR from 1st to 3rd, etc.
How does what we see shape our understanding?
What is the downside if we do not consider all points of view?
Consider Historical Events:
Vietnam Conflict

(or one of your choosing) and add to your response.
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