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Academic Integrity

No description

Sheridan Library

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity
Due Diligence
Higher Education
Academic Integrity
Academic Integrity
Accurate Assessment
your marks to accurately reflect your learning.
your diploma to be of value.
to succeed in your future career.
You want
You want
You want
Academic Integrity
is the only way to truly achieve these things.
We know...
Demonstrating Academic Integrity Means:
Completing your academic work on your own or through legitimate collaboration with your classmates.
Giving credit to other people's work by indicating when you use their ideas through proper citation (referencing) of the original source.
Only as directed by your instructor
It's everyone's
(but, does it really matter? What's the big deal?)
Scenario 1
Jim copies his buddy Sam's answers on his assisgnments.
Because he hasn't done the work himself, Jim soon realizes he will need to cheat on his exams, too.
Lucky for Jim, he somehow scrapes by without getting caught and eventually he graduates.
Jim lands his first job. Yay!
But he's soon fired because he hasn't learned the skills he needs to work effectively in his field.
Jim's boss refuses to hire grads from Sheridan again.
Scenario 2
Sally has a lot of assignments to do, and not much time before they're due.
She's found lots of information on the internet, but doesn't have time to take notes -- so she simply cuts and pastes the information into a Microsoft Word document.
By the time she's done, she's forgotten what information came from where, and what information is in her own words.
She adds a few references at the end of the assignment -- just enough to fulfill the instructor's requirements. She doesn't worry about quotation marks, or proper citation styles.
Her teacher submits a Breach fo Academic Honesty Form and after discussing the issue with Sally determines that the appropriate sanction is a fail on the assignment. A record of the offence will remain on her academic record for all future issues.
-Improper research practice
-Falsification of an academic document/record
-Obstructing the academic activities of others
-Inappropriate use of digital technology
-Aiding and abetting
A breach of academic Integrity includes:
Academic Integrity
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