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Program Management

No description

Chris Desiano

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Program Management

Program Management Planning
Facilitate integrated project plans across all projects
Establish integrated program plan
Optimize delivery of new capabilities for best architecture, resources required, and time to deliver
Ensure complete transition of new platforms, processes, and capabilities to steady state operation
Establish and oversee a program wide Release Management process
Program Management Functions Budget Management Issue/Risk
Provide cross-workstream Problem and Incident Management coordination assistance
Provide SWAT teams as necessary to address delivery and short term operational challenges
Maintain accurate issues and risks across program Communication
Maintain accurate status reports
Provide timely and accurate program reporting in order to meet Pfizer financial process guidelines, key stakeholder review, and decisions by CUE LT
Ensure clarity, transparency and consistency in CUE stakeholder communication of delivery progress and operations incidents/problems
Develop awareness in project managers around the status of other projects and how they are impacted by these projects
Program wide resource allocation
Define and harmonize program level roles, responsibilities, standards, tools and processes
Ensure delivery and optimize utilization of technology environments/infrastructure across program
Ensure adherence to preferred vendor list
Provide support for resource on boarding, both program and Pfizer (e.g. GIDM)
Review vendor contracts (such as SOWs) as required
Quality and Compliance
Ensure adherence to Pfizer Architecture (Information, Solution and Enterprise)
Ensure project level conformance (OLAs) to program level Disaster Recovery concerns based on business-defined SLAs.
Develop and maintain program-level quality acceptance guidelines and standards and ensure conformance by conducting QA reviews
Maintain program decisions
Maintain key lessons learned
Program Scope Management Process
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