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How to Make Fried the Perfect Ice-cream

Instructions for making fried ice-cream (pictures included)

Shruti Sambasivan

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of How to Make Fried the Perfect Ice-cream

You will need:
Vanilla Ice-Cream
Crushed Cornflakes
Broken and Roasted Cashew Nuts Melted Chocolate (Required As Per Each Coating)
Powdered Rusk
Oil - For Frying
Scoop vanilla ice-cream into round balls. Roll them in crushed cornflakes and broken roasted cashew nuts.
Deep freeze for abt. 2 hrs. Let it become hard.
Now remove the ice-cream balls and dip them into melted chocolate, roll them in powdered rusk to form a thick coating.
Freeze overnight. At the time of serving, heat oil but don’t let the oil emit smoke!
Take the balls and roll them in crushed cornflakes once again and deep fry them, take them out in a flash. Cut and serve them immediately.
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