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Ten Words That Describe the Holocaust

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Caleb Myers

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Ten Words That Describe the Holocaust

Ten Words That Describe the Holocaust
The Holocaust
Here are some key words that describe the Holocaust…
"I did not know what to do, but before I could decide, Willy took off, running in the direction of the railroad station. After a moment's hesitation, I bolted after him."
-"Children of the Holocaust: My First Kaddish"
"[Our parents'] own ordeal and terror, their grief at the loss of so many cherished family members, their long and mournful separation from us, all had emotionally weakened them."
-"Children of the Holocaust: Beyond Secret Tears"
"I was riveted to my father's deathbed. My hands hurt, I was clenching them so hard. Oh, to strangle the doctor and the others! To burn the whole world! My father's murderers!"
"Behind me, an old man fell to the ground. Near him was an SS man, putting a revolver back in its holster."
"Only yesterday I kidded around with him. Now he lay dead, his head piercing through the wagon's side spindles."
-"Children of the Holocaust: My First Kaddish"
"In a few minutes we were all in rows, by blocks. Night had fallen. Everything was in order, according to the prearranged plan."
"[Pawelek] was only 3 years old, and he cried a lot. Mommy was very upset because she was afraid that someone would hear us. Once, a man who was hiding with us got so angry at Pawelek that he pointed a gun at him."
-"Children of the Holocaust: Krystyna"
"I saw the blue stains of Zylon B streaking the ceilings and walls, the poison used to kill the people who were crushed into this tiny, gray cement room."
-"Walking with Living Feet"
"In my pocket I had two pieces of bread. With how much pleasure could I have eaten them! But I was not allowed to. Not yet."
"When we arrived at our destination, a hideous scene unfolded: in a tremendous pit, bodies floated in a sea of blood. The Germans were gone but the pit was guarded by the Ukrainian militia."
-"Children of the Holocaust: My First Kaddish"
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