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Adverbs of Frequency Guessing Game

No description

Maggie Devlin

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Adverbs of Frequency Guessing Game

Adverbs of Frequency Always He always eats cookies! Usually He's usually funny. Often In spring, there's often yellow dust in Korea. Sometimes We sometimes speak English. Seldom We seldom see helicopters. Never Lee Chung Yong never plays for Real Madrid. Guessing Game! Guess the adverb! Park Ji-Sung _______ plays for Manchester United. Park Ji-Sung usually plays for Manchester
United Top is ________ a good dancer. Top is seldom a good dancer. Won Bin is _________ angry. Won Bin is sometimes angry. Kim Yu-Na loves skating.
She is _______ skating. Kim Yu-Na loves skating.
She is always skating. Ban Ki Moon is _________ very calm. Ban Ki Moon is usually very calm. FLASH GAME - SONG! Here goes! word scramble! 6 teams! 3 points for the team to answer first You MUST raise your hand! If not, your answer will not be counted, and you will lose 1 point. Okay... let's go yswlaa always lesmod seldom metsomise sometimes vreen never notfe often lluusay usually let's review! Always Usually Often sometimes seldom Never Goodbye! Count how often you hear
'always.' And how often you hear, 'never.'
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