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Exit Presentation - Summer Internship

No description

Gabriela Calado

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Exit Presentation - Summer Internship

Volvo Powertrain
Senior - Manufacturing Engineering

Intern VPS - Tom Wills

Control Charts for 10 defective Stations;
Process Flow Map for Receiving Operation;
Summer Internship
Gabriela Belem de O Calado
Process Map
Process Flow Map
Utilized academic knowledge and skills to improve company processes;
Step 1
5S - AM Calendar;

Step 2
Spaghetti Diagram;
Strike Zone Analysis.
AMT Kit/Seq
VSM to Identify Losses in Receiving;
Started Standard Kaizen to Reduce losses Identified;
Workshop - Even Flow Project;
SOP's update.
Process Capability Study
Control Charts
Process Capability Study;
Root-Cause Analysis - Water Pump Pulley being Installed Backwards
5W1H, 5Why's, Fishbone Diagram;
PROTUS Support
QRQC Meetings
Process Map for Engine Assemly;
Improved professional communication
Gained production system real life experience;
AM Calendar
Better Understanding of VPS System.
Supermarket Emballages Information Update;
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