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Informative Writing/Essay

No description

Trishi Nguyen

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Informative Writing/Essay

-Make sure your topic is clear, and you have some background knowledge of it.
-Be sure your facts and citations are up to date.
-Decide on how you are presenting the information and if it will impact the audience.
-Think about your audience and what they are interested in.
-Form a thesis statement and do not over-do it. Keep the thesis statement simple. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start What is an Informative Essay? -Is the presentation easy to read?
-Is the organization clear, logical, and neat?
-Are your facts effective?
-Are your facts up to date?
-Will the paper attract your audience?
-Does the transitions flow nicely from one
paragraph to another?
-Does the conclusion satisfy the reader? Pitfalls of Informative Writing Informative Writing Here We Go! WAHOOOOO! Steps to a Successful Paper Evaluate your Writing -Using other's work without citing them or
giving credit
-Presenting the facts other than working the material into a coherent essay.
-Being biased in the paper.
-Being too wordy
-Exaggerated thesis statement
-Inserting unnecessary facts
-Skipping the editing process -A clear introduction
-A hook to capture the audiences' attention
-Facts, viewpoints, quotes, and citations
-Contains introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs
-First or Third Person (Depends on Topic)
-Questions to interest the audience CONGRATULATIONS!
YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED LEVEL 10 OF INFORMATIVE WRITING!! An informative essay... -Expresses a topic the audience doesn't know about
-Shows the newest trending research subject
-Compares and Contrasts aspects and viewpoints
-Shows readers how to use the given information in everyday life. Specific Parts of An Informative
Essay Patricia Nguyen
Period 6
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