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The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende Family Tree

No description

Jolene Chan

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende Family Tree

The House of the Spirits Family Tree
Based on the book by Isabel Allende
The Del Valles
Severo Del Valle
Nivea Del Valle
Clara Trueba/Del Valle
Rosa Del Valle
Esteban Trueba
Dona Ester Trueba
Ferula Trueba
Pancha Garcia
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Segundo Garcia
Esteban Garcia
Blanca Trueba
Nicolas Trueba
Jaime Trueba
Jean de Satigny
aspiring politician
loves "new" technology
killed by his out-of-date car, Covadonga
loving mother, displayed when she overlooks Clara's eccentricities
political activist
decapitated and killed by Severo's out-of-date car, Covadonga
had beautiful green hair and engaged to Esteban until accidentally poisoned when she drank from her father's cup
best friends with Barrabas, the huge dog that came by sea; has many "eccentricities"
remained silent for nine years until the announcement of her marriage to Esteban
loved Esteban until he hit her
died a peaceful death
wrote in her notebooks about her life
miner, landowner/patron, rapist, politician
ambitious, strong-minded, very stubborn, and quick to anger
engaged to Rosa and devastated when she died
rebuilt Tres Marias and became wealthy/influential
really hates Communism/Marxism, but changes his attitude after Clara is taken by the army after the military coup
very sickly
taken care of by Ferula
made Esteban promise to give her grandchildren when she was on her deathbed, inciting the marriage with Clara
worked as the foreman for Tres Marias
resented Esteban, but Esteban thought he was loyal
he had a peculiar relationship with Clara
left Tres Marias
the first girl Esteban Trueba raped
told her grandson, Esteban Garcia, that he was entitled to everything in Tres Marias
she planted the seed of hatred within Esteban Garcia's heart
Pedro Tercero Garcia
social activist (through his singing and other ways)
got three fingers chopped off by Esteban Trueba
Blanca's only love
got a job for the government after the "Communists" won
escaped with Blanca to North America
studious twin with a more athletic build
loves Amanda, but doesn't act out of respect for Nicolas
becomes a doctor
is captured one night when he is at the Candidate's house
beaten and tortured until he is killed in the country
devious boy
turns in Pedro Tercero Garcia to Esteban Trueba, but doesn't get the reward for it
wants revenge on Esteban Trueba for his illegitimacy
becomes a colonel and tortures Alba
random and wilder twin
ladies' man until he goes to Tibet and reforms his ways
gets sent to America by the patron because Esteban's embarrassed and Nicolas is ruining his political reputation
captivates both Nicolas and Jaime
Jaime helps her get an abortion
after leaving, Jaime finds her again when Alba asks him to help a friend's [Miguel] sister
Amanda's brother
falls in love with Alba
She is in love with Pedro Tercero Garcia
most practical of the Trueba family
left Jean and had Alba
with the help of her father, ran away with Pedro Tercero
rich, influential young man
marries Blanca for money at the order of Esteban Trueba
"photographer" (Blanca discovers porn in his studio.)
illegitimate child of Pedro Tercero Garcia and Blanca Trueba/Satigny
narrator of entire book
only one Esteban truly opens up to
aids the poor, hungry, and needy after the overthrow
loves Miguel
very sad/weird woman who cared for the poor
scared of God
took care of her mother, then Clara
loved Clara
had a rivalry with Nana (and Esteban) for Clara's love
kicked out of the house on the corner
died alone in the slums
very wise (knew many plants and what they could be used for) and even beloved by Esteban
got rid of the ants in a strange way
went blind and deaf
The Truebas
The Garcias
Transito Soto
Various Others
raised Nivea, Clara, and Blanca
attempted to frighten Clara during her silent spells
spoiled both Clara and Blanca
had a fierce rivalry with Ferula for Clara's love
died alone
Uncle Marcos
Nivea's eccentric brother
told stories
"died" twice
Ana Diaz
The Candidate
Father Jose Dulce Maria
The Poet
Professor Sebastian Gomez
WARNING: contains spoilers
revolutionary priest that always helps Pedro Tercero Garcia
prostitute that Esteban first met at the Red Lantern
Esteban lent her money and she became more influential and a better prostitute the next time Esteban meets her
the last time he goes to see her, Transito is the owner of the Hotel Christopher Colombus, with many connections in the newly Coimmunist government
she repays Esteban by helping him free Alba, who was held captive by Esteban Garcia
revolutionary professor that helps Miguel and Alba organize the occupation of the school
becomes the President
face of the new Socialist government
good friends with Jaime Trueba
is killed when the Conservative Party/Army take over
it's said to be suicide, but everyone knows it wasn't
student revolutionary who first meets Alba during the occupation of the university
helps Alba to survive in the military dictator's detention centers
never given a name
said to be very famous
friends with Clara and a regular at the house on the corner
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