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Well, what's stopping us?

A guide for creating Content Area based Themes for CISV activities.

Mark Porter

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Well, what's stopping us?

Well, what's stopping us?
A guide for creating activity Themes from the Content Areas
Well, what's stopping us...?
What is stopping us from...?


our personal relationships?

our cities?

our countries?

our world?
1. Where does the problem exist?
2. Why does it exist?
What is at the root of the problem?
3. How can we transform it?
4. When/where/with whom will we act?
What else can we learn to help us solve the problem? Who else might be able to help us solve it?
What ASK will help us?
What is stopping us from achieving human rights for all?
What is stopping us from achieving diversity?
What is stopping us from doing sustainable development?
What is stopping us from resolving conflicts peacefully?
human rights
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