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Isis Shauf L and L

No description

Shawn Groves

on 2 November 2017

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Transcript of Isis Shauf L and L

Isis Shauf L and L
Welcome, today we will be learning about latitude and longitude lines
On the map are coordinates they help you find the North, South of the Equator and East, West of the Prime Meridian
Latitude lines go horizontal they are numbers found on sides of a map.
Longitude lines go vertical they are numbers found on the top and bottom of a map.
The first number is negative one so look on your grid for negative one
Now that you know about coordinates and how to curve lines lets go to something basic lets use them on a grid. So, first you want to find the first coordinate on your grid
the circle represents the -1 now that you see that negative one then look for 5
Now that you see the negative one and five you look to where they meet
This is a map of Africa you will be finding coordinates on this map. Let me show you how
The line is the equator of this map now lets learn north, south lines now were im going to show you the lines and give you a coordinate
Ill give you a coordinate so you can see the difference between north and south and east and west
Your coordinate is 20N, 13E
Twenty North and thirteen East meet here
When ever you are doing a map with curved lines then dont follow the lines straight just follow them curved
This is the Equator on a Africa map you can follow it so, you can follow my north coordinates
The red line you see is the equator it helps you find north and south coordinates North coordinates are north of the Equator and South lines are south of the Equator
This is the Prime Meridian it helps you find the east and west coordinates East is east of the prime meridian and west is west of the prime meridian
The only problem I had was retracing the coordinates just to make sure I was right
Let me give you a coordiante lets say 5S,35W
Lets take a look at this map the lines are curved that dosent mean you follow the lines straight you want to curve with the lines
See how I followed the curved lines down here
See how the lines are really skinny at the top but don't worry they will get bigger as they go towards the bottom
This is the prime meridian on a Africa map it will help you find the east coordinates
What way doe
what comes first lattitude or longitude
Answer: Lattitude
heres 20N
Thirteen is right about here
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