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Power Teaching

The presentation offers a quick overview of Whole Brain Teaching, which is a form of power teaching I use in my classroom.

Kevin Clark

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of Power Teaching

PowerTeaching When I say "class," you say "yes." You have to say it the way I said it. If I say "Classity-class-class," you have to say "yessity-yes-yes." If I say it loudly, you have to respond loudly. If I whisper, you respond in a whisper. You have to match my tone and intensity. You will do a large amount of the teaching. I will present a small amount of information--complete with gestures. When I finish, I will clap two times and say “teach.” You will clap twice and respond “OK.” MIRROR ME I will say “mirror me” and you will respond by picking up your hands ready to mimic my gestures. SCOREBOARD Teacher Class http://cooperativelearning.nuvvo.com/lesson/9592-seinfeld-teaches-history
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