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fur my progect

stephanie monsalve

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Adaptation

By Stephanie Monsalve Adaptions Penguin The penguin is a bird that in the arctic and can not fly but instead can swim at the max speed of 15 mile per hour.Talk about a fast bird! Penguins actually have good hearing even though you cant see
their ears. They can hear through a foot of ice! Penguins can hold their breath for 10-15 minutes and can slide on their bellies for faster transportation. Chameleon Chameleons are lizards that live Africa,Middle East/Southern Europe and Madagascar.Most people think that chameleons change the color of their skin to hide from predators,but the real reason is because of the chameleon's mood and temperture.That means that chameleons are basically a living,moving mood ring!The chameleons eats crickets,wax worms,meal worms,super worms fruit flies,flies,moths,AND grasshoppers. Camel Did you know that "camel" is Arabic for beauty and that camel humps don't store water.They store fat that cools the body off. These are some of the adaptations the camels have developed.The reason why camels go for long periods without water is the shape of their red blood cells. Their blood cells are shaped like ovals,so when their blood flows it doesn't get clogged like ours does when we are thirsty. Speaking of thirsty, camels drink 35 to 40 gallons of water each day ! Camels also have thick eyelashes that keep sand from going into their eyes. They live in Africa,Asia,Europe, and Middle-East Australia. Arctic Fox The arctic fox lives in burrows that are located in the Tundra. Another name for the arctic fox is the white fox for there snow-white fur.In the summer time the arctic fox's coat turns brown and grey for the colors of rocks and boulders. Arctic foxes eat lemmings,voles,eggs,fish, and seal pups.Arctic foxes usually have litters between 5-9 pups but bigger litters aren't uncommon..A male and a female arctic fox are mates for life and they both help raise the pups The walrus is a mammal that lives in the arctic and has thick blubber.This thick blubber keeps the walruses warm all through the cold harsh winter.Did you know that the walrus's tusks can help them when hauling their huge bodies on the pack ice and helping them to open mollusk for food?Sadly,the walrus is becoming endangered for the humans obsession for its tusk ,oil,and meat. Aye-Aye Aye-Ayes are a endangered animal that is native to Madagascar.the reason why is because the native people of Madagascar think that aye-ayes are death omens and kill them.The aye-aye's eyes are big and reflective because it is nocturnal .The aye-aye eats nuts, insect larvae, fruits, nectar, seeds, and fungi, and for a sweet treat ....beetles.When not in the natural habitat the aye-aye will steal mangoes,coconuts,sugar cane,and eggs for food. Owl Owls are birds of prey that can turn their head around 275 degrees. Do you know why a owl's head can do that? It's because the owl's eyes are fixed in its head and he can't move his eyes like we can.Owls have special feathers that make no sound when flying through the air because most bird feathers are pointed but, owl feathers are curved to reduce the sound of rippling noises.Owls live alone and eat mice,squirrels,rats,moles,bats,rabbits,snakes,voles AND snails Walrus THANKS
WATCHING! Summer Fall Winter Spring Giraffe Giraffes are large mammals that have extremely long necks for eating leaves high up in trees.The fur of a giraffe is pale cram with brown spots. The hooves of a male adult giraffe is about the size of your average dinner plate, except the fact that it is way harder and way more sharp.Fun Fact about giraffes is why the tongue of a giraffe is black or dark brown because to prevent sunburns by the leaves. Mountain goat The mountain goat is located in the northwest north America. One interesting fact about their hooves is that you would expect hard hooves but the truth is that the hooves are actually flexible like rubber to be able to spring rock to rock.Mountain goats are usually
white to a cream color,which is very fluffy to withstand harsh weather. Mountain goats have 8 teeth in the front so they can grab big patches of grass easily.The horns of a average male mountain goat are typical 12 inches and are light beige/brown. California King Snake The California king snake is the only snake that can eat a rattlesnake due to its immunity to venom,though in extreme cases when the king snake get poisoned heavily in the heart or head the snake might not survive.The king snake can unhinge its jaws to eat something twice it size Project 1# Create-A-Animal By;Stephanie Monsalve Project 2# here it is
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